Anyone want a Swingarm Preload tool?

While my bike was down I decided to make the swingarm preload tool to remove it to grease it up! I followed the procedure On this web site, "The Pig Pen" but thought I may make some more while I have the cutting disc and welder out! If anyone is interested let me know! I was thinking $30 plus s/h? (USPS has $7 flat rate for sure but could probably go cheaper by UPS ground)



PS I'm putting it toward the Hotcam I just bought! Could I sell 5 sets of tools? Anyone? :excuseme:

I'm going to get some parts today to make a couple more for some friends let me know and I can make you one!

I'll take one. Send you email.

I'll take one, pm sent.

Mine has arrived and looks good, thanks!

I'll take on too (it is for the XR650R, right??)!!!

my e-mail is

I can do paypal, money-order, or bank check... let me know

Sorry Columbus XR! I'm not making anymore at this time...Used all the spare parts and gave my buddy back his welder.

I'll let you know if I get a wild hair to go at it a again but not right now.

Mine has arrived and looks good, thanks!

Mine too, very nice!

Must be nice to be handy like that! :ride:

I wish I had the tools to make one... If anyone is selling one that works (even the real Honda tools), let me know...

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