is the mega bomb header worth the money

does any body have this or what i have looked all over the internet and have not seen nothing and input would be great thanks its for the 04 yz450

that thing looked like it was welded by an amatuer, and the color makes it look like it has burnt on dirt :excuseme:

Get it i drove my buddies honda that he put it on and it is just soo much better... the power hits harder and is everywhere. BUY IT

dunno why people bother with after market pipes, no point having more point if ya can't use it, maybe u can i dunno. if i have to pick one mega bomb would be it, or maybe look at bills pipes... personally i'd stay stock for reliabilitly, and invest the money in a quick shifter......(yes i have an after marke pipe, and quick shifter)

I think mine was worth it.

I got one for my 2006 WR-450F, gave my bike more power and it looks awesome! :ride: But it is kind of a rip off. :ride:

FYI also I just looked at that pic.My header doesn look anything like that.Mine is actually nice looking.


Hey dwnlowx,

If you live up in Northern Nv, e-mail me your # and I'll let you try some FMF stuff before you buy.

If you want to know why it looks like that in the dirt rider photo is because that is six seperate rings welded together (pre production) the one you have is made from 2 stampings welded together. the two welds across the middle are not real, just for the factory look

i just purchased the mega bomb and a stainless fmf 4.1,i will give you test results on it soon i migh dyno it soon

alo i will post pics soon

i love the set up its great highly recommend it my bike is alot faster

pics posted in account

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