Thoughts on 03 WR450??

Friend on mine has been looking for a WR450 for a while and has only came across thrashed out late model bikes. So he has found a one owner 03 model with genuine 1000km on it. Its super clean and great price. Now is there a hell of alot of difference with the later models? The bike is stock and my mate has been of bikes for several years but can ride good. Or should he just wait for a 05/06 bike?

If it is truely a genuine 1000kms, it will be a good buy. How can you tell?

It is very easy to disconnect speedo. Mine disconnected it's self.

There is not much difference between the '03 - '06 models, mostly suspension but a revalve will make the '03 bike better than an '06.

How cheap is it? remember you buy a brand new '06 for $9,500 if you look around, maybe less. Then he can screw them on riding gear.

Hey Matty. I've seen 05 models going for $9500 ride away. I,m thinking that if I wait a bit longer they''ll be selling the 06s cheap to make way for the 07, but then I think I'd really like an 07. Maybe I should wait for an 08. By the way it seems that pre 05s had weaker gearboxes? :excuseme:

yeah, '06 deals are pretty hot at the moment ... e.g. '06 WR450F ride away c/w full road reg, de-restricted and $500 in extras thrown in (bash plate, barkbusters etc) for the bargain price of $10,700 (aus) ... that's a hard act for the opposition to follow !!

The 03 had the Woodruff key issue so keep that in mind if he gets that bike.

He can get it for $5800 and its genuine k's we know the owner been sitting for ages hardly has a mark on it. So whats the deal with the woodruff key??

I don't know how your prices compare to the states but I just picked up a spotless 04 for $3,800. The owner had already done all the fee mods, all I did was buy a Trail Tech Enduarance computer and installed frame guards (which still had the paint!).

Woodruff key issues on the 2003 only affected a small production number of bikes. There was a factory Yamaha recall to fix. Quit beating a dead horse.

My 2003 WR has never experienced a woodruff/starter problem, and I have about 8,000 miles of street and dirt use. The only maintenance I have done was a valve adjustment and replaced the front wheel bearings.

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