makeing an oil cooler

I' am going to make an oil cooler for my xr600r. has anyone seen any small, 3 1/2" x 6" or so radiators out there? I was thinking a power steering cooler off a car, trans. cooler, heater core. I may take a look at the junk yard, but if i had a model of car to look for it would speed things up. I will buy the fittings and some steel braided hose and make one. hopeing i can do it for $50.00 or so. I have seen new ones on sites but they are pricey, anyways fiddleing around with the bike is my relax time. any other ideas? thanks. Tim

You could try a trans oil cooler that they make for pickup trucks. They are cheap and come in all sizes, try a place like

I am using an Earls 7 row cooler and it works very well. Might have to get creative with a mount (My 680R is in a quad chassis) but it's a quality cooler.

I got mine from American Street Rod. Quick shipping and decent prices. it included the mounting brackets as well. take a peek here:

Earls Temp-a-cure oil coolers

I'd look at an XR4 oil cooler. Should be pretty easy to plumb in and it mounts way up out of the way.

Scotts performance makes a kit using the XR400 cooler. Its definitely gonna cost a lot more than $50. You might want to try using something like an 85-6 ATC350X cooler. They have a oil cooler that sits on the right hand side in front of the gas tank. It looks like a little radiator. Pre-1996 XR250s have a cooler like an XR400. You might be able to find one or the other in a cycle wrecking yard. By the way, the Suzuki DR650 uses a similair cooler.

thanks for the info. guy's.

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