Problems with Scotts damper

I'm having some trouble with my Scotts steering damper. The problem is that the high-speed damping doesn't work when I turn the bars to the right. When I turn the bars fast to the left I feel a sudden increase in damping about when the bars are strait forward, but when I turn to the right I feel nothing no matter how fast I turn the bars. The base damping is feeling the same in both directions and when I turn it in completely the bars feel completely stuck, so I don't think that one of the sweep-controls are leaking. I have cleaned all parts of the damper and even taken apart the high-speed valve and polished its internals but nothing have helped.

Have anybody had this problem before?

i haven't got your problems but i have got a second hand unit from 2-Dads that burst it's guts after three rides and now i've got to send it back states side to get it repaired-oouch!!

this costs money!!!


You might want to e-mail scots directly, there were some issues here about 9 months back that were causing them to have to be rebuilt. There is something about it in the archives, many folks here were discussing it at one time.

good luck...

Bonzai :)

Guys, I've had nothing but problems with my Scotts unit. My unit popped the adjusting knob and fluid shot everywhere, Scotts says that I turned the know all the way out. I DID NOT!!! Everytime I go into to have it looked at it costs bigtime. I've had other problems with it too like leaking fluid around the seals. This is a sore subject for me because im really unhappy with the stabilizer. If I could do it all over I'de go with a WER or GRP without a doubt....

PS. When It works it's great!!! It's just that it's the only component on my bike that's unreliable and that needs to change. cheers

I will be ordering a gpr in the next month. Thanks for the insite from everyone. I will give a ride report after I get it. (and recover from

a broken wrist)


scotts triple clamp, bar, damper $599

scotts triple clamp, damper $539

gpr triple clamp, damper $450

gpr has a lifetime warranty

scotts ?? warranty

Does anyone have experience with the GPR?

I seem to recall that DR had it rated as a

9 on the must have list.


I've had experience with both Scott's and GPR. I had nothing but problems with my Scotts as Dan stated above. Mine had to be totally rebuilt twice within a year and 1/2. They blamed it on everything but the Stabilizer itself. The whole inside was worn out both times and the sweep screws were always leaking. I finally sold it and got a GPR. The customer service is great w/ lifetime warranty and upgrades. I haven't had the unit but for 8 months, but I feel very confident with it. It's not much different than the Scotts in function, you can adjust on the fly and it feels the same. The GPR is just a better built unit. :)

It hurts to hear these problem stories. My Scotts dampner was bought in 93' or 94' and has never had a problem. I have lots of friends with them and they also have had no problems. Goodluck with whatever unit you choose. Eric

There are about 12 of us in our club with Scotts dampers. Nobody has ever had a problem with them except the nut on the back coming loose. If the inside wears, it is because the vane is bent. The vane gets bent because the stops on your bike aren't set up right. The damper can NOT be the steering stop. This will damage any damper. I've had to weld up the stops on some bikes to prevent this. They state this in the instruction book and are very clear about this. If the damper acts as the steering stop, it can get damaged in the event of a crash.

The only way the adjustment needle can shoot out is if it is unscrewed all the way. Dan, if you didn't unscrew the knob, someone else did. There is no reason to unscrew the knob. The "full off" position of the low speed adjustment is 14 clicks out from full stiff. Again, this is covered in the instruction book.

I hear of a few problems but most all of them are due to someone not having the damper installed correctly or not knowing how to use the unit properly. I have seen a shaft seal leak but I've never seen a sweep adjuster leak. It is a rubber seal so I wouldn't doubt it.

For as many Scotts dampers as there are out there, they are *very* durable and trouble free units. I have heard nothing but good about the GPR but I don't know about their adjustability. Do they have individual low and high speed adjustments?

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I have had my Scotts now for about two years with zero problems. I use and adjust it everytime I ride.

I have never messed with the high speed adjustment though. Strange. :)

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