Which rear tire for mud?

Hey everyone, I was hoping to get some feedback on a rear tire for my xr600r. I ride only in the woods and want the best traction I can get, I'm up here in Vermont and it pretty much hasn't stopped raining this summer, so we have tons of mud and water, and usually do. I have a perelli mt44 on the front and I love it! I was looking at the mt-32 or mt-16 for the rear, the mt-32 looks awsome but i'm a little nervous that i'll wear through it really quick. Any input is greatly appreciated.

I run an IRC M5b in the mud.

I like my Michelin S12's. They last and don’t puncture easily..

Has anyone ever tried the rear MT-44?

The Bridgestone sand and mud tire is one of the most agressive made. It looks almost like a paddle tire.

For the mud a Dunlop 756 is great. The wear factor with all the rocks you have up there would not be well though.

Your right, I do ride some pretty rocky stuff, I know of more then one old riverbed that we hammer up. I think I might try the IRC mb5 unless they will get chewed up on the rocks really fast, if this is a real issue I might try the mt-16? Any words of wisdom?

The MT-16 is not a good soft terrain tire. Give the 756 a go. I know you won't be dissapointed in any condition with regards to traction. You won't get the life out of it that you would a intermediate terrain tire though.

My personal favorite over the years is the Michelin M12. Although its kind of soft, and get worn away by the power of the brp's, it does REALLY well in anything soft. The knobs have kind of a cup/paddle shape to them, so it works well, imo.

You folks that've been running the Michelins, either the S12 or M12 on your pigs in the soft stuff should give the IRC M5B a try. Hooks up better & lasts way longer...I like the S12 on my smaller bike, but there just ain't enough meat on it when the pig really wants to squeal.. :ride:

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