Buffed Paddle Tire

Has anybody every tried one of these? I use the buffed tires on my quads and really like the light weight but was wondering how they hold up on the bikes. http://www.skat-trak.com/paddletire.html

I'm not sure what "buffed" paddle tyre means, but I do know that paddle tyres are illegal for use in AMA racing because they work so well, otherwise you'd probably see RC using one at Southwick! Pirelli have a new tyre called MT410, it's designed for sandy and soft conditions, it almost is a paddle tyre but it's legal for MX racing coz the paddle is in three parts/knobs. I reckon I might try one coz I ride in a fair share of sand. http://www.ridemx.co.uk/MotoCross/Shop/Pirelli/Tyres/345_MT410.html

When they buff a tire it means that they take off outer layers of the tire to lessen the weight of the tires. They dont usually take the layers off the sidewall though.

When they buff a tire it means that they take off outer layers of the tire to lessen the weight of the tires. They dont usually take the layers off the sidewall though. After they remove the knobbies and some layers, they mold on the paddles. Im pretty sure thats what they do anyways.

I used a Kings Racing paddle tire on my KTM 525, and it helped alot, but not as much as paddle tires do on a quad. Still, a stock KTM 525 was the fastest bike on the hill at Sand Mountain that day, so I was happy with it. If I were to do it again I think I would get the Skat Trak paddle tire instead. The Kings tire paddle is heavy, and it even makes the 525 work to turn it in very soft dry sand.

Right now I'm runnin the ams 10 paddle. I heard that there intimidator, or whatever it was, was horrible when the ground was even slightly moist.

Get the dominator or hooker if your set on skat trak's paddles... Personally i have used kings turbo paddles for the past 3 years and have NO complaints at all.. Except i keep chewing them up... :excuseme: Where i ride in dumont you can come off a dune and hit a stretch of lava rock and its not easy on a paddle especially when you manage to pop the tube and have to ride back on a flat... i think i went thru 2 or 3 paddles last season.. :bonk: I rode Every weekend in jan feb and half of march.. :busted: the one currently on my bike has lasted me a bit longer... I also think kings had a bad batch of rubber... one of my tires started cracking the sidewalls the first ride... but survived another weekends after that.. but my last one has been holding up well...

I like the hooker because it has a shorter paddle so it wont dig in as deep and rob some ponies. Also it will easily clear the swingarm

I use a 10 paddle sand snake and it definitely is much better than the stock tire in sand. never heard of buff before sounds interesting but wouldn't last

I've seen lots and lots cr and kx500's use them, but I dont know how long they last.

I've heard the term "buff" used most with Sand Tires Unlimited ATV paddle tires. I think you can get single, double, and triple buff paddle tires, and the more times they are buffed the more rubber is removed from the tire. Triple buff paddle tires are pretty much for competition drag quads only, because sometimes they tend to have slow air leaks, and they don't hold up well to general duning. I would think that a single buff Skat Trak paddle would be better for drag racing and hill shooting on a bike than my Kings Turbo Paddle, simply because it would be lighter. I have no complaints with the Kings Turbo Paddle though.

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