WR450 - How difficult is service (valves, oil change, etc)?

I have to admit, I've problem been spoiled by my XR600. Doing the valves couldn't be easier. Screwdriver, feeler, wrench, a little time.

I'm this -><- close to buying a 2006 WR450 (possibly a 400EXC...), and I'm trying to get a feel for how often the WR needs to be serviced. For example, how many miles/hours do you go between valve adjustments? How many filters are there and places to drain oil? Is there anything else that needs to be done regularly? Coolant?

I guess they don't put the service manuals online to take a look at. It would be interesting to see what I'm getting into before buying.


Actually, I did come across manual .pdf files either here on TT or at the 4strokes site.

I reshimmed my valves after break-in (just barely out of spec). It was a very doable project that shouldn't have to be very often based on what I have read of other's experiences.

Oil changes take my way longer than I'd like because of the many places to disassemble. Oh well, I'll get faster. The manual's non-competitive oil change interval is pretty long, but most posters here change their oil about 5 to 10 times that often, which I question the necessity of. 2 to 4 times as often maybe... Total oil capacity is 1.2 qt, so that will drive more frequent changing if your XR held more and this engine can rev to 11,000 rpm, but I don't know what else makes people think that they should change oil every 6 hours. I'm not aware (yet) of what other maintenance for a WR has to be done more frequently than for an XR. Maybe someone will educate us!

Search for those manuals! They are out there somewhere. I recall it is for a 2005, is in multiple laguages, and is on an Australian website.

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