03 yzf450 to 06 wr50 frame?

Looking to swap my parts from my 03yzf450 to a 06wr45o frame. I know the motor mounts are the same with exception to the wider frame at the downtube but what about swaping the other parts over. Other than the kickstand mounts are there any other diffrences between frames? I Live in cali and would like to get green sticker/plate. Thanks for replys in advance

Any input? Please

I think the subframe is different, along with the airbox. The main frame is the same, along with the engines top end and header/pipe (different pipes but will fit.) I think the forks are slightly thinner. I cant think of many other differences.

I was thinking that if the stem and clamps fit in the frame all front suspension would work. Also would swap sub frames for air box and rear fender mounting. Anything else that I am missing? thanks

That sounds like a better idea, the suspension on the wr's are undersprung and undervalved. I wish I had the money for a revalve... Anyway, are you going to keep the 18 inch wheel or use the 19? For trails, the 18 is better, more puncture resistant. Everything else use the 19. If you use the yz motor, I dont think the stator supports lights, so I dont know if the wr one will fit or if you will have to get another one. If you dont want to use the lights then no worries. And do you live in southern or northern cali?

I live in socal. Looking to get new stator and dualsport kit. Friend is a cop and will sign off on my inspection. Ill take mso and inspection report to dmv and see if i can get plate before buying other things. Hopefully in the end I will have a 06 frame with 03 parts and dualsport kit with green sticker and plate?

Sounds like you got it made with your friend as a cop. Good luck and keep us posted.

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