What is the actuall sprocket size for the 06 YZ45f??

Ok i am just now replacing my chain n sprokets and well my manual says it is 14 by 51 if i remeber correctly (oh ya and my rear sproket was a sunstar??? with 49 teeth, is that stock???)... i was at the local shop n we went to order them and in the book sunstar said like 14-50 and renthall sayed somthing different also??? so im just gonna go with what the manuall says with 14-51??? anyone else have this problem..



520x114 Chain

I know because Im doing the same thing right now.

lol parts unlimited catalog is WRONG again... stock is 13/49 i went to a 50 and love it makes third more useable for my slow ass I just did it also... who knew the rear was an aluminum sunstar they used to be steel .... anyway the reina 520 orn6 is real nice chain and doesnt rub the frame as others do ...

Well i changed my gearing like i said to 14/51 and holy hell did that wake it up in the midrange pull.... man i like it infact it almost hits to much i think i might go 14/50. sound like that would be just right...THANKS FOR THE HELP

The same happened to me. I went to shop to buy a chain and sprocket. The guys like "51 rear" I was like, no it's 49 on my bike. And I sat there and argued with him about what is on MY BIKE. I was like, take 6 links off the chain, if it don't fit, you win the arguement, if it does, I win.

Oh yeah, I won.

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