does a 98 wr400f have a rev limiter like a two-smoke, or can it be overrevved? :D i really like to be able to just smack the throttle open and let this bike stretch it's legs, but want to make sure i won't blow it up in doing so. i don't think a four stroke will overrev to begin with without disintigrating all of it's internals, but wanted to make sure on how to ride my four-honey without hurting it. thanks.

p.s. i got a throttle stop for mine... i think it's for a 98? doees it matter? :) i'm gonna hack it down and install it. hope it makes a diff. at top end.

Yes, the bike has a rev limiter, but it will blow up if you leave it pinned for too long. The rads won't be able to dissipate the heat quick enough, unless you're running Engie-Ice/good green coolant.

On the other hand, people desert race them at silly speeds, wide ass open, and they survive.

I say PIN IT!

These bikes are known for their awesome torque. I say shift and let it pull like a tractor on steroids.


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