Tall Bars And Seat

I have tried the search and it is down for the third day in a row so i will just ask? I was wondering if anyone has bought a complete seat that is taller than stock that i can just bolt on and save the stock seat. I saw Moose and I think SDG have them is there others and how much taller than stock are they. I am 6'5" 265 so I could use some extra height. I also wondered about the guts foam and new cover is it easy to install and does it last , does the foam just go on top of the stock foam or do you have to cut it out and redo it all and if you have to cut out stock foam how do you seal down the new foam? The other question is about handle bars. How tall can you go and still use stock cables. Can you use the 1 and an 1/8 bars and adapters and still have enough cable left. I also saw somewhere that you have to watch how you route the cables. Is there another way other than stock to give you more slack in the cables? Are Tag bars any good or are the Renthal double walls worth the money? Any help or suggestions would be great . Thanks Rick

You didn't say what kind of pig. I have a xr600 and I just put 1 1/8 pro tapers in the Windham bend supposed to be 3.90" rise plus universal adapters that add 3/4 " height. I think I could still use another inch or so. I'm 6'4" and I liked the height of the Tusk Universal Handlebar Riser Kit it added about a 1 1/2 to the old bars only cost 20 bucks from Rocky Mt. I changed it cause it looked kinda spindly in case of a crash. Had no trouble with the cables.Don't know about the seat,the 600s is pretty plush.


Thanks daddyk for the reply. Sorry for not listing bike it is a 2003 XR650R. Any more opions out there? Thanks again Rick

I'm 6' 1". On my 2002 XR650R I bolted on a complete Moose tall seat. It's difficult for me to say exactly how much taller the seat was, but I'd guess approximately 1". I also used the stock triple clamp with a big bar adapter that raised the bars and CR Hi-Bend fat bars. This was MUCH more comfortable for me. The bars made it very difficult to use the stock throttle cables but with the Edelbrock's longer cables everything worked great.

Ramcc4x4 thanks for the reply :ride: . Did the moose seat feel any better as far as going from sitting to standing position. I am 6'5" and all legs and it wears me out switching between standing and sitting. Is the seat comfortable and of good quality? I guess the million dollar question is do you feel you got your moneys worth and is there enough difference between the stock seat and the moose tall seat to switch them? THANKS AGAIN

running BRP triple clamps/SUB mount & Pro Taper KX High bend 1-1/8"

I'm 6' 6"

I never liked mine until i put the Thumper Racing bar raisers on with Renthal Desert bend bars. Very nice for standing. I am about 6-1.

Thanks for all the help. If anyone else has any suggestion I will check back. :ride:

I have the Moose/SDG tall seat, Its about 3/4" to a inch taller then the stock seat,nice gripper cover bolted on with no drama...

2002XX, I noticed a HUGE increase in comfort. I felt that the stock seat was like sitting on a piece of wood. With the Moose seat and riding shorts I could ride as long as I wanted after that. The quality of the seat was fine and got a lot of use while not showing wear. As far as the money goes, I found it in the classifieds on this site, used once, and got it for about $70.00 shipped. Here's a pic of the seat on the bike:



I have the Moose/SDG seat (same seat) on backorder right now, couldn't find it in stock anywhere! I am also using the 1 1/8 bar adapters which raise the bars around 3/4" until I can get the rubber-mounted triple clamp with sub mount one of the guys on here is doing a group buy for. I am also using the Pastrana FMX bend Pro Taper Contour bars which is the highest bend they have available. They are however 1" narrower, but that is a good thing if you ever hit the tight trails like myself.

I also installed a set of Tusk wide pegs which provide a much more stable platform for my hoofs. They are the same width as the IMS pegs, but not nearly as sharp. I always run IMS pegs on my MX bikes for the extra grip, but they would destroy my MX boot soles, which they would certainly do if I was wearing my street boots when commuting on the XRR. The bars/adapters/pegs together have made for a very comfy standing position ride for myself at 6'1". I even find myself standing for long periods of time when riding down the road just because it feels good to stand and stretch out. Good luck!


I have an 03 650R. I am 6"2" and run a stock seat, but the comments about the tall seat are tempting. I run a ProTaper clamp which moved the bars forward and is way better than the stock cramped POS clamp. I have CR high bend ProTapers and felt it was still too low when standing. I added some home made 1/2" aluminum spacers and longer bolts to raise the bar clamps up. My cables still have some roome to move without any tension. I may go with a KX high bend next, 4.25" rise! It's super comfy on my motocrosser.

I have a 2003 xr650r and I'm 6'7" in bare feet, so around 6'8 or 9" in gear. I also went with the conversion kit to the triple clamp instead of changing out the whole top. I figured I needed every inch I could get. I went with the Honda high bend, fat bars and love them. I too need a taller seat and have heard of the sdg and moose seats. Let me know what you think.


I have been waiting for tall seat from Moose and or SDG for about 3 months with no luck. They are backordered till whenever is what SDG says. Called them direct and they told me they were working on it but did not give very good answers to when we can expect new seats. Lousy answers to easy questions.

Thanks for all the great advice. Its nice to know what works before ordering. I also wanted to let those of you with Moose TALL seats on back order or on the fence to buy one that Dennis Kirk has 7 in stock according to their site part # 451857 $109.95 free shipping and they price match but don't buy them all up I want one too :ride: . Thanks again for all your help and suggestions and set ups. I will let you know what i got and if it all worked out. Rick :ride:

I can't comment on the seat thing(I'm just plugging away with stock)I'm 6'4". However, one question you asked that noone has answered is about the tag bars. I use the Tag T2 with the double cr high bend. Applied wrap top clamp moves'em forward and higher.

I've had a couple of pretty good spills on my bike and have toasted some parts but the bars held. I think basically most of these bars are comparable, if you crash hard enough you'll bend or break the best of them.

ps with the applied clamp and the dblecrhighs I didn't have to buy aftermarket cables.

I found some handlebar risers from canada. I believe barriseronline.com is there site. Cost me about 80 bucks. Raised bars 1.25" and forward 1.3". This was the way to go for me. Huge improvement. Looking at getting the longhorn cr bend bars for more height, foot pegs that are a 1/2" lower than stock and a seat that is 1 1/2" taller, redone at a local shop. I am 6'7" 230lbs.


I also wanted to let those of you with Moose TALL seats on back order or on the fence to buy one that Dennis Kirk has 7 in stock according to their site part # 451857 $109.95 free shipping and they price match but don't buy them all up I want one too :ride: .

Thanks for the tip, I cancelled my backordered tall seat and ordered the Moose from Dennis Kirk which is on its way now. :ride:

Got mine coming too....thanks,,,,funny SDG people did not know of any dealers that had any left.

I am also running BRP triple clamps w/SUB mount & Pro Tapers although I have the Pastrana Freestule Bend which is very tall (I forget the emasurements) I am 6'2" and It makes standing up much easier / better. This set-up isn't cheap, but comes with longer throttle cables and it is like getting a whole new bike. I am also running the Tall/Soft seat foam with the Baja Designs/Guts seat cover which also makes a world of difference especially on longer rides. This is an easy mod to do for around $100. Just remove the seat, pull out the staples on the old cover and remove the factory foam. Install is just the reverse order except you now have to glue the foam to the plastic seat pan. Most any construction type stapler will work using 1/4"-5/16" staples. The cover comes with a How-to guide. Best of luck.

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