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Hi everyone !

I'm a new member to the site and also a new dirt bike rider having just bought my first bike a few days ago. I thought I would say hi and post a picture of my bike to introduce myself.

I expect to be doing a lot of reading, learning, and hopefully riding to learn the safe way to enjoy my new hobby. I live in Vancouver B.C. and look forward to taking advantage of our natural beauty from the seat of my bike.

Without further adieu here's the bike:


It has " Moose " handle bars and I think that's the only aftermarket item.

So far I have cleaned out the airbox of the dirt, cleaned the air filter and re-oiled with Bel-Ray and just been looking it over trying to learn it. I have a brand new rear tire to put on also.


looks like a good bike congrats on the purchase.

Wonderful choice. 2000 XR600. One of the best all around motorcycles ever produced! Over the years I've owned 6 or 7 XR600's. They are capable of just about anything.

As for making it a little easier to ride. Get the suspension dialed in. Precision Concepts is the best. (my opinion) other than that, leave the motor alone, maybe put a pipe on it, jet it correctly...and enjoy!!! :excuseme:



I still want an XR400 for trails, plenty for my ability, but I'd snatch up a 600 in a hurry if one came along.

Welcome to the site.

Hey slim shadetree, I myself just bought A 01 XR650R. Its Baja'ed, D606's,Compu, Iws Pro pegs etc. Less than 500 mil. Was looking for XR400, boss said that his bro was selling his. I was there when he got it. Any way he wanted th3e NEW R1200G or GS Beemer. I picked it up for 4250.00. Its A blast. Good luck with your sweet 600.

Later Muctar

Welcome Slim! You don't have any riding experience?

Ghoti nope no riding experience. thanks for the welcome everyone.

Happy Curmugdeon I actually wanted an Xr400 but I just couldn't find any for sale so I got this tank 600. This bike is intimidating to say the least :worthy: but I am sure to respect its power for a newbie. the gas tank was half full when i got it and i filled it up on the way to riding, man this thing is HEAVY with a full tank. I am 6'4" 215lbs and I will need to start pumping iron !

I went out for my first ride on the bike last night and after a :eek: wheelie situation at the start everything went smooth. Thank God my friend taught me to always keep two fingers on the clutch and front brake or I would of bailed. The bike launched on me and the front tire went up into the air then I started pulling the front brake and that caused the tire to dip a bit down. Then my brain said " pull the clutch !! " and as I did that I blipped the throttle again and up went the front tire but this time I pulled the clutch in and survived.

My friend was laughing his ass off at me but then congratulated me for keeping my cool and doing a double wheelie in my first 5mins of dirt bike riding. Then I just practiced changing gears up and down, coming to a controlled stop, and a learning to crawl around in first gear.

Here is a picture of us lakeside. My 600 is on the left and my friends 400 on the right :


Nice Bike, Welcome to TT :ride::ride:

I'm new to the site also but have been riding a while. I have a 96600r and just LOVE the thing to death. I'm 6'3" and a "svelt 245" depending on what buffet I had for lunch! The pigs a handfull but once you figure out the personality you'll love it too!! BTW i just did my first top end rebuild in 5 years of everyother weekend riding and 3 or 4 hare scrambles a year. They are super reliable.

Welcome Slim shadetree,

Hey is that a Six speed?

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