YZ vs WR for desert/woods mix

Hi all, I would appreciate some help on this. I had an 01 (?) YZ426 that was loaded up for desert riding and I absolutely loved it. I did the BK mod, had all the guards, stabilizer, pipe, larger tank, etc. Then in 03 I sold it :ride: (and sold a lot of the parts to you all on TT). I have been out of it since then. I used my 426 for everything from high mountain woods to desert and the only thing I wanted to change was to add a little flywheel weight.

Now I am considering getting back into riding and would like some advice. I currently am in Kansas :ride: , which means minimal riding to begin with, but what is available will be woodsy (no dez here!), especially since I don't ride MX at all! However, I am planning to move back to Utah or Idaho hopefully soon :ride: and will be back to a mix of mountain and desert.

So, my question is this: What would be better? A WR with all the mods to open her up (I'd like to lose the battery and E-start too!) or a YZ with the necessary mods to make her woods/desert ready. I will most likely be riding sand, desert, and high mountain trails back in Utah and Idaho with it.

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