YZ vs WR for desert/woods mix

Hi all, I would appreciate some help on this. I had an 01 (?) YZ426f that was loaded up for desert riding and I absolutely loved it. I did the BK mod, had all the guards, stabilizer, pipe, larger tank, etc. Then in 03 I sold it :ride: (and sold a lot of the parts to you all on TT). I have been out of it since then. I used my 426 for everything from high mountain woods to desert and the only thing I wanted to change was to add a little flywheel weight.

Now I am considering getting back into riding and would like some advice. I currently am in Kansas :ride: , which means minimal riding to begin with, but what is available will be woodsy (no dez here!), especially since I don't ride MX at all! However, I am planning to move back to Utah or Idaho hopefully soon :ride: and will be back to a mix of mountain and desert.

So, my question is this: What would be better? A WR with all the mods to open her up (I'd like to lose the battery and E-start too!) or a YZ with the necessary mods to make her woods/desert ready. I will most likely be riding sand, desert, and high mountain trails back in Utah and Idaho with it.

Sorry about the double post. I haven't been on TT in about 3 years and I hit the wrong button!

Can't go wrong either way - They'd both work great. :ride: But don't underestimate the power of the plate - it's sure nice to be able to ride my street legal WR to and from some close trails. Hobble creek and maple canyon are about 5 minutes away and it's awesome to just get on the bike and go from home.

If you are just gonna remove the e-start and battery there is no point in getting a wr unless you want a green sticker or a plate. Either one is good. I personally love my 05 wr but after switching from my friends kx125 back to my 450, I kinda wish I didnt have the extra weight...

I kinda wish I didnt have the extra weight...

I agree. In the desert, my WR is awesome. But in tight technical stuff, the extra weight is very noticable. If I could do it all over again, I'd go with a YZ w/ a flyweight and Rekluse (or a KTM 300).


Since the e-start isn't a big deal to you, go with the YZ. I wish they had an electric start YZ

I have to admit though, I like the fact that I can take my WR to the track, it does great on the trails, and I could ride to work if I want.

I agree with jerryls, if I could do it all over again I too would go with either a yz426 or yz250 2-stroke. I wish I could get the new yz but its red sticker and I ride all season everywhere I can, from dunes to desert to trails to singletrack.

I agree with all of the above but if I had to get one 4-stroke to do both, it would be a KTM 450 EXC or XC. For me, the WR doesn't get a gold star as a woods bike.

If the YZ had an e start, I would have chosen that over the WR for my desert bike.

I went from a WR to a YZ. Best move i have ever made. The YZ is much easier to ride, lighter and has more power. I dont miss the e start at all. I do miss the side stand the most. I also miss the ability to have a head light, as the 06 YZ's have no lighting coil and no one is making one as of yet. Other than that the YZ out shines the WR in all aspects, unless you want to dual sport it.

if youre not planning on dualsporting it, then you might as well go with the yz with a flywheel weight for the slower stuff.

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