smashed radiator

who is the best to send your radiator to have fixed. I smashed in my left hand one about 1 inch this summer. It only leaks a little bit when sitting at a cool temp (just enough to get wet, but not drip) and when it heats up the leak stops. also, are the radiator guards worth the money??? any input from someone who has had their radiators repaired is greatly appreciated.



I had a radiator repaired by Mylers out of Utah. 800-367-7699 They did an excellent job considering I didn't think it could be repaired. I put on a set of Zip-Ty radiator guards and they seem to be holding up pretty good...had a few good crashes. Although if you crash hard enough and in the wrong way it won't matter what kind of guards you have you are going to be fubar.

Mylers in West Jordan, UT does excellent work. They fixed one of mine off of my WR 400 last year. It looked brand new when they were done. Their phone number is 800/367-7699. They have a real fast turn around too. Give them a call.

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