magura clutch problem

sooo i was riding the other day and all of the sudden i cant pull the clutch in. so i pull to the side of the track and the end of the cable where the ball is had detached. since magura doesnt make parts for their cluches, i have two options. one is to buy a whole other clutch for 250 bucks. Or i can find away to re-attach the ball thingy to the rest of the cable. i was thinkin of maybe using jb weld but i dont know if that would hld. any ideas???


JB won't work, and you CAN get replacement parts for your system. I have done it twice!

Find Magura's website and order straight from them, or your local dealer may be able to help as well. There is hope! I also may have what you need at my house, I'll be back!

A friend went through this same exact thing. He sent it back to Magura and they fixed it for free. Had a pretty quick turn-around too, he had the clutch back in about a week.

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