YZ graphics for a WR426....

has anyone applied a set of YZ graphics on their WR? if so, how much work was involved to get them to fit well? did the seat cover pose any problems or was it a simple solution to a simple problem?

thanks in advance,


The YZ/WR seats are not compatible/interchangable at all.

The radiator shrouds ARE identical, Ripley's Believe or Not...They are!!

Now what to do w/ the rest of the tank graphics? You could screw w/ them and come up w/ something, or just purchase WR graphics/seat cover.

Or go aftermarket tank & SDG/IMS seat, then purchase your YZ graphics...

im sure that N-STYLE have a range of WR graphics to suit the larger tank. Don't mess with YZ stickers, or better still, buy a YZ seat/tank.

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Ronin, The only problem you will have putting on YZ graphics on your sweet WR is the seat cover. If you had the YZ seat on your scoot then you would have no problem at all. The selection of WR graphics is pretty lame, my guess is that manufactures figure that since the WR is a bike for off road use and their owners wouldnt want to put graphics on their bikes. Anyhoo, If you want to I have a WR426 and I will gladly put on new graphics on it and polish it up to a bright luster in trade for any one of your Buell's. What do you say??? Hello? Hello? :)

I just got the new catalog from Factory Effex in the mail. They have some new graphics for the WR's that go with the Blue/Orange look.

Check it out:


Good luck!

Dan, let me think about trading you a Buell for a WR, but I really dont need two WR's. Hmmm, tough choice though.



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