06 Wrf450. Any Good?

OK I,m due for another bike, looking at 06 WR450. They are pretty cheap at the moment, so what can you guys tell me about them? Are they any better than the 04-05 models as far as standard suspension goes? What reliabilaty issues have surfaced so far? What do I have to look forward to or what should I look out for. :ride: Any probs with the woodruf key, like the 03 WR450s had? :ride:

Do It! Great Bike! Same as 05 with a couple bells.

Bomb Proof :ride:

DUDE! just look at all the post's, :ride: with allmost any WR you can't go wrong. :ride: The 06 is really no different than the 05. the 06 has the new trail computer. :ride: I have the 05 and wish I had that computer. These bikes are so relliable it would make your head spin. for the money, go w/ the new 06. ride it before you do all the free mods and AIS removal kit, she will really open up and pull like a fraight train. myself, i'm making a deposit on an 07 next week and keeping my 05. go for the BIG BLUE!!! :banana:

The price point is a real kicker right now. I just got my 06' for 5.6k otd...

The price point is a real kicker right now. I just got my 06' for 5.6k otd...

Great price, I paid 500 more (without tax included) a few months ago.

So what has Yamaha done to address the starter woodruf key issue? I'm not an engineer but when I changed the cam chain on my 03 WR450 I was shocked at seeing that the rotor and starter clutch sat on such a small shaft. There is a lot of load going to that point from all sorts of situations. Tell me they have addressed that issue, PLEASE. Thanks guys for youre input to this thread!

Woodruff key issue is not a problem on 06.

Just bought an 06 today. $10161 with 12 months rego rideaway. Was going to get the 05 for $9500 but an 06 is an 06. I know already that I,m going to love it! Won't go for a decent ride tho' until I've regreased the steering, swingarm and suspension. Can't believe how much cheaper they are in the States! Youse can buy two :ride:


Struth thats cheap waynus for us in Aus. anyway. Will you do any mods straight away or just the standard addons? Have a blast! Wont be far behind you, me thinks! :ride:

Got mine a few months back and love it. I knew they would be going to the AL frame in 07, but couldn't pass up the great deal (6100 OTD).

I've done all the free mods + jetting and the bike hauls, tough to keep the front tire on the ground. :ride::banana::p

I can say from the experience the steel frame allows you easy access to the carb, which is nice since you'll been in there often messing with the jetting. The AL frames make it a bitch to work on the FCR. I think I'll wait until FI before I would consider buying the AL frame WR.

In other words.... go for it! :ride::ride:

Yeah, I hope it was a good deal. Don't you hate it when things go on special the following week! Spent Sunday taking off the swingarm, suspension and steering. Preety easy and straightforward. Now all nice and fully greased. The bike comes with all the free mods done except for the grey wire which suits me at the mo'. It absolutely rips. Comes also with barkbusters and large manual. :ride::ride::banana: Next weekend!!!!! :ride:


I paid $9 grand for mine tax in two months ago in Canada, not cheap here either.

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