Exhaust for YZ450F

I'm an avid racer in Michigan and Ohio. I had a bit of a crash the other day and now I need to replace my exhaust. :ride: Any suggestions on what exhaust to purchase (whether it be the entire system or just the tip)?

Thanks in advance,

D & A

I personally liked the Dr.D system. It gave it such a smooth powerband on my 05. Plus TWMX gave it 9.5 out of 10 on the 06...

Look at the Leo Vince. It's quieter than most pipes.

I put a Pro Circuit Ti-4 on my '06 (same exhaust that Ricky Carmichael uses :ride: ). I think it must help Ricky more than me, because I can't tell any difference in performance from stock, and perhaps it is a little worse. But then again, I just put the slip on exhaust on my bike, and not the whole system. On the plus side, it looks trick, and with the spark arrester still in, it is quieter than stock. Not sure I would recommend the Pro Circuit exhaust overall though.

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