Best Graphics kit??

The left side radiator shroud decal came off and I want to replace it. Anybody aware of a kit that looks close to stock? 04 WR450 kits seem hard to come by.

Yamaha will sell a little damn wr450 decal for a couple bucks but that's it. I have to buy the tank decals along with the shroud decals for almost $200.00, what's the deal there :ride:

Theres a few companies that make a decal kit to look like factory. Factory effex is the first that comes to mind. Theres also some factory looking kits at dennis kirk. Much cheaper, $50-$75 range for entire kit compared to factory oem.

I like very much the One industries graphic kit. Take a look at their web site.

Go to and look up OEM parts for your bike. Check the Side Cover assembly. They want $51.26 for the right shroud graphic. Still high, but you can buy it separately.

Better yet, call the TT store...

go custom, check out:

expensive and slow delivery but killer product

Here's another custom graphic shop I found. I haven't bought from there yet, so no product info. I like the designs and will buy some in a couple weeks.

if you want something cheep, simple and nice, here is what i did:

bought one vinyl decal sheet (100cm x 70cm) and one white about 5$.

cut the shape of the shrouds , head light , fork guards,front fender.

bought Yamaha logo and symbol (11) blue and white for 16$.

what i get from it you can see on "my garage" (before and after).

simple and nice.

off course can't have decal on the tank itself for this kind of decals (vinyl).

Factory Effex makes stock replacement graphics for your bike, I think they are $40 but are made of much thicker material.

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