WR400 oil leak, please help!

I dropped my bike off at the dealer with instructions to fix the oil plug that is leaking with a tyme cert or keen cert. I dropped it off Friday June 16th and then they called me Wednesday June 27th and said it was ready (13 days!).

I went last night to pick it up and the shop mechanic said it was not ready, it's still leaking oil :ride::ride::ride: Needless to say I will not be going back to this dealership, it sucks because they are really close to my house.

So, the drain plug appears to be holding ok but I'm finding a puddle of oil about the size of a small pancake after sitting on the kickstand for a week or so. When the bike is strapped down (not leaning) it appears to no leak as bad or if at all.

If my plugs are not leaking where else could the wr400 develop a leak? I'm going to look into this issue myself as my dealer is totally worthless. I was stuck with a 60.00 oil change that I did not want unless the leak was fixed.

Could it be the countershaft seal? Might want to try to look and see exactly where the oil is coming from...

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