Decisions decisions... 06 or wait for the 07

Have you ever ridden a Gas Gas 450? Man, they are so buttery smooth! Nearly got one my self!

I had heard that many times and finally experienced for myself. Smooth is correct and often attributed to it's EFI...but it doesn't feel that powerful or particularly light. Then I saw the dyno figures. "Smooth" can also be ad speak for less powerful. At 42 hp it's about 5 down a WR/ CRF-X etc. Maybe the new GG 500 will be a good way to go...with power to match it's weight.
I've found a brand new 06 at a very good price, but damn that 07 looks sexy! So should I go with my head (06) or my heart (07)?
Get the one you like the most. If you buy something else because it was a "deal" you will never be happy. For me, the 07 looks like the most significant WR update since the 450 debuted with the happy button. Opinions on the new one seem to be divided between whether you are an 05-06 owner trying to justify keeping your current ride and those owning earlier models like myself, who might also see it as finally the significant update we've been looking for. If the new chasis transforms the WR like it did the might just be that. :ride:
Sorry Flip.

To answer your question, if you have the money then the 07 is teh way to go. It is more ready out of the crate, and come five years time when turbo charged engines is the new best thing, then at least you will still have the alloy frame for resale value.



why would they put turbo engines in bikes?

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