Buying 2003 wr 450 hopefully

I'm writing from Vancouver Canada. I'm wondering if $5900 Canadian is to much for a 2003 wr 450. The bike hasn't been ridden very much but does have a lot of scratches in the plastic. It still has original tires and sprockets in excellant shape and the paint is barely worn on the frame. It just seems like 5900 is too much. I offered 5200 and he said no. Should I walk away and be patient or should I pay the 5900?


I'm also wondering how much of a pain in the butt would it be for me to import a bike into Canada from the USA.??

Thanks for any help :ride:

Sounds like a lot, I'd hold out for an 04 or 05 unless you can get that one down to 5Kish. I've heard of quite a few people buying in Washington and Oregon lately. Even after taxes and duty it seem to be a pretty good deal. The dollar is pretty high right now compared to US$.

I paid $3,800 (US funds) for a spotless 04 here in the states.

i am from canada too and i ve paid 3800$ for mine. Bike seems brand new, but i have lot's of problems with it. IT doesnt run well and nothing fix it as usual on every WR i've had. It seems a personnal afair between WR's and i though, i've heard they're strong bike! Each time i buy a wr i have to sell it 1 month later.

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