05 Yz450

Hi guys, new to the forum just picked up an 05 YZ450, as it is a model year old I'm sure people can tell me what problems to look for, or to head off early.

I had a 250 2 stroke and rode a 450 a couple times and knew I had to have one. This bike has only a few hrs on it. I have greased the swingarm and changed the shock spring for my fbda. any oil change advice, do you all take all this stuff apart every oil change?Thanks in advance.

Checking the screen in the frame is useful only occasionally. You should do that once when the bike is new, and anytime something major happens, like after an overhaul or when something breaks (so, like, never). Draining the oil lines is fairly unnecessary, too, but it doesn't hurt unless you screw something up.

Read though this post for more of my take on things.

I also recommend getting a Scotts stainless mesh oil filter. They are cleanable, they last indefinitely, and relieve you of any excuse for not having a clean filter with every oil change.

Additionally, immediately remove and replace the OEM chain before it destroys what are otherwise usable sprockets. My recommendation is the Regina ORN6 sealed chain. I have used 4 of them now, but have never replaced one. The one on my '03 is over two years old.

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