wr450ft plated in CO

i plated my 450 this afternoon in colorado and since i see a lot of discussion in this forum i figured i would share my experience.

first - colorado doesnt give titles to off road bike (non title state) - so i had to call and request an MSO from the dealer which looks like a title.

next - i had to get insurance (progrssive online $75)

next - i had to get a VIN inspection. the cop didnt check for DOT tires, lights, nothing just the VIN. i told him i must title the bike due to the type of loan i have.

next - i went to the DMV and signed a paper saying the bike is now road legal (a lie) but i dont care cause im crazy!

after that i paid $95 and got the tag. i dont even have a motorcycle license - she never ask.

documents i had to have - bill of sale, security agreement b/c its financed, proof of insurance, and MSO.

i hope this helps.


Good job, you crazy knuckle head :ride:

Does Colorado require an endorsement to the standard drivers license?

the motorcycle permit is good for three years and comes as a seperate license.

i'm not sure what happens after you pass the driving test.

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