02 WR426 CA plated $$?

I am looking at possibly buying a new bike later this year and need some help determining what my current bike is worth. (Need to determine if I can afford a new bike).

I have a 02 WR426 that has been California plated/dual registration with green sticker with the following components:

Trick Dual sport kit

FMF Power bomb header W/ E-Line carbon fiber guard

FMF Q muffler & FMF Core4 muffler W/removable quiet insert (both included)

Clarke clear tank & SDG YZ seat

YZ450 decomp exh cam

Pro Taper Super Stock upper clamp & Pro Taper bars

Scotts dampener mount and Frame bracket (dampener not included)

Excel Rims

Zip Ty

Fuel screw

Axle Spacers Front & Rear

Chain adjuster blocks

Chain Guide

Flatland skid plate

Devol Rad guards

Dr. D hot start

Wave front rotor & braided hose CR routed

All free mods & James now

I am approaching 40 and I have not been too rough on the bike, only trail riding. Maint has been kept up and top end was rebuilt about a year ago.

I would appreciate any help you guys could lend on helping me determine what it is worth.

If this is in the wrong forum, I apologize.


A picture would be very helpful in estimating worth. I've found that a clean appearance makes as much difference (possibly more) as anything when it comes to increasing value.

The fact that it the bike is dual-sport helps you a lot in California. All the aftermarket parts add up to squat. In fact, I know buyers that prefer bikes without a lot of aftermarket parts, as they tend to believe stock-looking bikes have been ridden less and then they can customize the bike to suit their individual needs.

Selling used bikes in California lately has been tough. In many parts of the state it's really too hot right now to ride off-road. I sold a clean non-dual-sport WR426 about a month ago for $2750. I think you would be doing well to get $3500 for your bike, but that should be achievable.

Again, pictures would help.


The so cal market is soft this time of year people are thinking about going to the river not motorcycle riding due to hot weather. in the fall when people start putting away their boats and jet skis and start thinking about going to the desert would be a much better time to sell more buyers more phone calls.

$3500 or a little more was also what I was thinking. Right now the bike has all the orig plastic and does not look great, I am more conserned about performance and durability at this point. If I decide to sell I will replace all the plastic and touch up the frame in all the worn areas and I don't plan on selling utill this fall when the 07 are out for sale.

Thanks for your imput

FWIW, I paid $4,000 for a very clean, low mileage, totally stock 01 WR426 with plates. I did a lot of research and looking before I bought mine and feel I got a great price for a bike that had the stock front tire, no free mods done, and still had the frame paint intact by the pegs. :ride: Based on the mods you've done, some new plastic and some TLC should get you at least $4k if you wait until fall.

Good luck :ride:


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