2006 YZ 450 Rider Fatigue

I am shopping 2006 450's and need some input. I am a 25+ and Vet B top 3 racer and have been doing so on a 2005 YZ 250F with all bolt on mods. I'm 6'3" 205 and in decent shape but my job demands do not allow enough time to train during the week anymore. My 250 F is great because I can ride it like a 125 and not get tired, but I am the only one in my class on a small bore. I want to stick with Yamaha but going back to the 450 is more physically demanding. I have been reading that the RMZ does not tire you out becuase the motor is so smooth. My question is:

How rideable is the YZ 450 motor for 2006 and are any of you noticing early fatigue due to the power? Also, have any of you ridden a 2006 RMZ 450 in comparison to the 2006 YZ 450? Thanks!

I started the season on a YZ426 racing 2 motos on race day... Now I have the 06 YZ450 and I'm racing 4 motos on race day. I find I get less tired on this new bike for some reason.

The 2006 YZ450F has virtually no vibration.

It is, without a doubt, the easiest 450 to ride. I know you're probably thinking yeah right, since the YZ450F has had a notorious reputation since its inception in 2003 as a high-horsepower bike that wants to rip your hands off and make veteran riders look like novices. Well that was the case form 03-04 and in '05 the bike became a more tame beast, losing about 3 horsepower in the middle of the powerband compared to the previous years' bikes. The 2006 kept the same competitive horsepower but got a new chassis and completely new engine with its mass centralization almost perfect.

I'm a 140 pound Intermediate, and I can handle an '06 YZ450F almost like I can my 250F. It feels really light.


yep Im a sr c rider came off a 03 250f and this 06 is fantastic..it is super smooth .. I actually went up a tooth in back on my 06 450.. for comparison I cant even ride a 03,or 04 yz 450.. and it has less hit than the 05 rmz.. to me it feels motorwise really close to a 04 honda crf 450 which was also super smooth delivery

Recently talked to a top vet rider who has riden both. He currently has a RMZ 450 and is switching to the Yamaha. Not because of the motor, but the chassis and suspension. This rider was formerly a top ten ranked AMA Pro. His comment was that the RMZ was too unstable in the fast rough sections.

If headshake on a fast, rough downhill doesn't change the color of your shorts, then the RMZ may be OK for you!

I had a 2001 YZ250F (when it first came out) and I thought it just the whole hell of a lot of work. Specifically jumping the difficult stuff from tight corners. So much energy used up in preserving corning speed. I went back to the 2-stroke YZ250 and found it much easier to ride. It could cut that inside-inside line and then just do a saturn moon launch once you are lined up again. Loved it. Now I'm on an '06 YZ450F and I find it easier to ride than the YZ250. Feels as light, if not lighter (both on the ground and in the air). Less shifting so your not using lots of energy trying to get a clean shift, under mach 1 acceleration, halfway down a straight. Its just easier to ride. Honestly, it feels almost lethargic to me. Like a 250F punched out to 290 or something (I know its not, but that's its friendly feel). One thing is harder, the clutch pull is not as light as the 2-stroke. But that's no big deal even for this 55 year old computer programmer.


I went from an 05 YZ250 to the 06 450. Instead of trying to find the perfect gear, I ride the whole track in 3rd and 4th gears. No shifting in the corners just throttle.

im 19 5'10 170 lbs and the 06' yz 450f is a sinch to ride i went from a 89 cr 500 to this 5 months ago and made the transition no problem but i mainly ride in the desert and have been on a motox track only a few times but have noticed no fatigue what so ever

06' yz450f

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