YZ Side panels on a WR

Does anyone know if the YZ number plates will fit on a WR? I remember getting some YZ plastic by mistake once and it did not fit. For some reason I think it was the side panels.

The YZ left side panel is the problem due to the side access to the WR airbox...SC

That is what I was thinking. Thanks

They go on very easy with very minor modifications.

What is the mod ?

It is not clear on the pictures.

picture 9501402433.jpg is not working

It looks like you cut the airbox cover.

Good Idea but not an option for me.

The reason I am getting the YZ plastic is that I am tired of peeling number off the bike between races and dual sporting trips. I want two sets of plastic of course the YZ for racing.

I know it seems to be more trouble but I like the idea of not risking the headlight and tail light during the race.

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