Axle blocks don't line up when put new chain!

the stock ones don't let the axle turn and neither do the aftermarket ones, they just look cooler and let you have more adjustment, and the marks are more defined. they might be stronger i don't know.

People say the aftermarket ones are more accurate...meh, stock ones are fine for me.

The best way that I have found to get the most acurate adjusment is to measure from the center of the swing arm bolt to the center of the axle on both sides and get an even measurment. A tape will work, a metal yard stick with a hole drilled in one end and a bolt that will fit in your swing arm with a nut on the other side of the yard stick is better, and a sag setter is the best.

I havn't found axle blocks that are as accurate as of yet.

The advantages of aftermarket blocks are, most of them:

They are more clearly in finer increments, but their accuracy still depends on the marks on the swing arm being in the right place, so....

They usually have an extended contact point with the adjuster bolts, which lets you run the bolts screwed farther in than would otherwise be the case, and makes the bolts less subject to bending as a result.

Some of them are made in such as way that they can simply be rotated 180 degrees after a gearing change and then require a minimum amount of readjustment in the chain tension, which can speed things up in the pits at times.

They are, of course, bling.

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