Another One Bites The Dust

Posted on the KTM site:

Originally posted by PMAUST:

Thanks everyone especially Sledge916! I called Larsons and bought the 520 EXC. It should be delivered by late next week. Then i'll be pestering you guys with stupid newbie questions. :) Can't wait! :D Thanks again! Paul

Man, you have no privacy on these forums! :) Ok, ok, I admit it. The bike looks appealing to me. Thought i'd give it a try. YeeHAA! Should be here berfore Turkey Day!!!!! :D Speaking of that RetSenior, are you and Uncle Moose going to come up to Stonyford for Tday festivities? Maybe you can give me some pointers on my new bike! :D I'll be there bad back and all. P

P.S. check out my signature.

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