Whats Your WR450's Top Speed

sshit i know a guy who rides with me and he says he topped out around 115. His bike his trick though.

My dealer gave me an estimate when I brought it in. I told him exactly what I was doing and what happened. The service manager said he would check with Yamaha and see if they would pick up any of the bill. When I went to pick it up a couple of weeks later, he told me Yamaha picked up the cost on the parts. I had 2 pages of parts with retail prices, and zero cost, for each part. The cost between parts and labor was pretty much equal. They sent the tranny parts back to Yamaha for insepection.

Who's your dealer??:applause:

07 WR 450 free mods, AIS removed, indicated 98mph, BIG cross wind(small nads), Laguna Drabo, Baja Mexico, Jan 07. The thing jumped to 95mph and was still creeping up when the wind moved me over about 5 feet and I wimped out. IMHO It was cool but 15mph on single track around Mike's Sky Ranch was better.

135 on a enduro course!!:applause:

on the road my 06 wr450 with stock gearing will do 86mph, checked with my onboard gps. not at the rev-limiter just no more go. did this in 1/2 mile also. maby more space will make higher speeds, but i dont need to go that fast on dirt tires. they are scary....

06 wr450, all stock except for the "free mods" 83 yesterday and had more in er. i got skeered.

my 07 wr450f with throttle stop, grey wire, and opened up exhaust I hit 95 mph on a dry lake bed at El Mirage, CA.

Mine completely stock does 295.3 miles an hour, but when I'm on a rocky super technical trail I can only go 235.3 miles an hour. I'm totally serial.

98MPH in Johnson Valley, Jetted with PMB insert. Garmin GPS. It felt like it would not go any faster, but I was getting nervous.

Under rods are not a Zulu thing as they dont wear any. Under rods are your underwear.

I did not need to know that. Way too much info.

84 mph gps'd on a dry lake bed stock gearing, jd jet kit fmf exhaust all the free mods.

I just checked with mine using my gps and got a top speed of 140 with stock muffler and pmb insert (second baffle removed) and 142 with the Yz muffler, then tried with yz muffler and decibal daug and im back to 140 again, so much for no noticible loss, all rides done within 1/2 hour and no wind, on pavement and same distance traveled each time.

14/50 is stock gearing right ? So according to this I can cruise at about 60mph at 6000rpm and not be too hard on the bike?

I hit 96 on a lake bed with just the throttle stop cut and pea shooter out.. Today i hit 86 on a fire road down hill with lots of tires spin on the rev limiter.. Both times spankin a trx450r with a fresh 505 big bore.

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