Proper way to wire a horn?

I picked up a kill switch and economy horn at the yamaha dealer and it didn't come with any instructions. The kill switch has two wires coming out of it and the round horn has two terminals. My WR is an '04.

Also, where/how should I mount the horn? The idea of drilling anywhere on my bike makes me cringe :ride: . Is there a safe place to do it?


I wired my horn per this diagram:


Also, my horn came with a small bracket that had a single hole in it. So, i mounted it directly below the headlight, on the center 10mm bolt that holds the plastic in place. The horn points up, but isnt that loud in the first place.

Find a power source, put in a fuse to protect the ssytem, put it as close to the power source as possible. Install a fuse rated for the horn, not much more. Then run the power wire to one side of the horn, and have the switch control the ground. This means on the other terminal, run a wire to the switch, then the other side of the switch to ground. The new way is to "switch" it after the load. This makes for longer life switches as it reduces arcing at the switch. Old days, everyone wired the switch on the power or input side of the horn.

Use the fuse panel in front of the battery. There are two empty spots in there. It makes wiring very easy. I used one of my upper tripple clamp bolts to mount my horn bracket too. Then it tucked in behind the number plate too.

I still haven't spliced into any wires as I still don't quite know 100% what to do. I'm thinking of T'ing off of the brown wire that comes off of the on/off button for power, running this to one terminal of the horn, then from the other terminal to one side of the button and then from the other side of the button to ground. Does this sound right? The Yamaha dealer suggested the brown wire for power.

The big question I have is how to I ground the second wire coming off of the horn button? Do I T into a black wire or do I have to drill a hole in my frame and screw the wire to it? I don't like the idea of drilling anything. I'm going to the hardware store so hopefully you guys can give me enough info to get started when I get back.


holy crap, you guys are making this too complicated. wire it right to the battery. most horns you buy are dc type and do not work well (if at all) when wired into an ac circuit. one wire from the horn to a battery post (you choose which one). one wire from a two wire kill button (not the kind that grounds through the clamp per honda style) to the other battery post. second wire from kill button to horn. push button, close circuit, horn beeps. horns draw a lot of amps, use heavy duty wire. put a fuse in line if it'll make you feel better. if all you do is go beep beep once in a while, your not going to drain the battery. most of us find a spot under the headlight to mount it. you can effect the sound of the horn by making too rigid of a mount. you'll have to experiment with it.

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