Anyone else's '06 have this? Questions about OIL too!

Alright guys, I know it seems I post a new thread every 5 minutes, but it's my first Motocross bike and Im just really anal about having everything perfect, and theres nothing wrong with asking questions, I will never learn if I don't ask right?

Anyways, I was cleaning my bike, changing the oil, oil filter, put new chain on, and just inspected my bike very well, making sure everything was tight, and stuff because I just rode it for the first time on a real MX track this past weekend, and Im about to go out agian. Well, I was draining the oil when I was just looking around at it, and noticed a large "chip" out of my kickstarter. It obivously was very sharp on the edges, and it was from where it hits the footpeg when you kick it. It don't seem bad, I was just wondering if this is normal, and fine.

Also, I changed the oil, and I also went to my dealer, stocked up on all the oil filters he had in stock (11), and I bought a case of Yamalube for the thing...just to have the stuff for rest of the season. I was in the middle of putting the new oil filter in the bike when it sliped out of my hand, and into the drain pan...opps, next time I will learn to move the drain pan, or just be a little bit more careful. Now, only HALF of the filter got diped into it, the other half was clean, I decided to ask you guys if it's alright to use it, before I went and did, so I just put a different one in for now, but will it be OKAY for the next filter change?

One last thing, I was putting oil into the bike, and I put a Quart in, then I put 3 "line marks" of another quart in, which said 28 (Im talking about the lines on right side of the oil bottle), and I went down to 20-21 on it. The manual says Total: 1.27 US Quarts with Filter change, so I figured it was right on. I warmed the bike up, checked the oil, it was over the dipstick line, so I shut her down, and did as the manual said...unscrew "check screw" until oil stops coming out, then screw it back in. Now, is this "check screw" JUST DRAINING EXCESS OIL??? Because it seemed like A LOT of oil was coming out, it was draining for a good 5 minutes, although it wasn't fast pouring out, it was still coming out.

So I warmed bike up agian, checked it, and it seemed right on the dipstick this time, so I did it right? When it says 1.27, what exactly is that as far as lines go on the bottles, so I can prevent overfilling it next time? So should I pull that "check screw" each time I fill the oil, just to make sure I didn't overfill it???

One last question about the check screw, how does the oil flow into that part of the motor, where when you drain the screw, it's not draining the rest of your oil out of your motor, just the overfill? Im just wondering how the inside of it works is all.

Oh, and about the chain slider silicone thing I did before, meh, I decided to peel the silicone off and just leave it stock, how it was. If I see more wear, I have the TM Works chain slider on Backorder right now, so I will have it ready to go! Also, I added a chain to the bike, and I skiped out on the Rad guards for now, I just wanted to add the major things it needs like chain...really, thats all it needs. I got it jetted good, and I love this bike.

Some pictures for your enjoyment are in "My Garage."

Once agian, I REALLY appericate all the help you guys give me, and if Im annoying, please just tell me and I will try to post less. Like I said, I ask a lot of questions, because I like to NOT find out the hard way with this kinda stuff.


Man What a post. Let me see if I can answer some questions for you.

"noticed a large "chip" out of my kickstarter"

This we will probably need a picture to say for sure, but if it is just dented then you are most likely just kicking too hard and it will be fine if you ease up a bit. Take a pic and post it and we will let you know for sure. There should be a bit of a knob if you will where the kick shaft hits your peg. Is this what you are looking at?

"I was in the middle of putting the new oil filter in the bike when it slipped out of my hand, and into the drain pan"

No problem, you may rinse it off with some carb cleaner but it will be fine.

"When it says 1.27, what exactly is that as far as lines go on the bottles"

1.27 is about 1 1/4 quart. There are 32 ounces in a quart, so you need 40.6 ounces for full capacity. If you look at the lines on the side of the bottle there will be an odd number of them. Add one more because the oil will be above the last line one more increment. Then divide that number by 4 and this will be how many lines you need to add. Sorry if this sounds dumb, but I wanted to answer your question in the same manner you asked about. Referencing the lines I mean. Anyway, for instance if there are 7 lines on the side of the bottle, you add 1 to make 8, divide by 4 and you get 2 lines. I hope this makes sense.

"how does the oil flow into that part of the motor"

I am not familiar with this particular bike, however on the ones I am familiar with this screw is at a particular height in the case. The case holds most of the oil and this screw is at such a height that when the oil is just below it then it is at full capacity. The oil below the screw stays and the oil above it leaves. I hope this helps, and I hope it answers all of your question.


Thanks, yeah you pretty much sumed it up. About the chip, it's right on where it's supposed to hit the footpeg, but theres just a little metal taken out of that part, I guess I was just kicking too hard.

Oh, one last thing..... :ride:

The kickstarter ding is typical wear.

How much did you pay for 11 yamaha oil filters? You could have bought a Scotts stainless oil filter for about $65 from the TT store, and can be cleaned every oil change.

No Barch, the kickstarter groove is normal - if it bothers you take a file to it - it really get larger with the addition of wider pegs....

The oil change routine will get better with practice...I drop bolts occasionally a oring and all kinds of stuff in the bucket...just make sure that you pick out the orings for the olil filter cover if they fall in and the washers for the oil drain bolts if they fall in and reinstall. To refill - I pour 1 qt in...then warm up take reading on dip stick and fill up/fine tune the measurement. after a while you will see just how much to fill - BillyWho funnel/oil carrier will make this easier with correct oil amounts. Remember not all oil will drain when you drain the oil....and it has to recirculate completely when you start up the bike prior to checking the level on the dipstick for a true reading.

11 yami oil filters eh? Here is my thought on this - a scotts filter is a lifetime filter cost about 60.00 bucks - you have invested about or more than 100.00 in throw away paper filters.....see the logic?

Well, I was going to buy Scotts, but I heard the paper filters filter better, so I just went with them, besides the guy gives me really good deals, he took 35% off all my items. I made sure all the O-Rings and washers were there before I sealed everything up.

I figured kickstart wear was normal, just wanted to make sure!


You should read up on oil filters and how they are rated. The scotts filter has a absolute rating where the paper will have a split rating.

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