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JD..... Urgent !

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My favorite Yamaha parts clerk .....screwed up my order again....I got everything that you told me to get except the 100 PAJ...they sent me the #2 PAJ....

Will it be ok if I ride with the setup you gave me -the 100 PAJ for a couple of days until the jet arrives or should I reverse everything until I get the Jet....

Current Setup:

OBEKN on clip #3

Main Jet : 170

Pilot Jet : 48

Pilot Air Jet : 75 (100 ETA Next Tuesday)

Pain or no pain I gotta go to the woods tomorrow....cannot ride the couch any longer!

Please advise ASAP so I can put blue back together..


[Test Ride] Much better mid range, Wheelies in every gear...Idle Problem is gone...Quite a bit of decelleration popping though...[lean condition right?] Open Air screw another 1 turn mabe?

[Test Two] Increased Idle, Put airbox lid back on. Good power still, Deceleration popping Gone...

Bonzai :)

[ November 10, 2001: Message edited by: YAMAKAZE ]

[ November 10, 2001: Message edited by: YAMAKAZE ]

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