Maxxis Maxxcross IT vs Dunlop D952 comparison for interested people! - Part 2

Maxxis Maxxcross IT vs Dunlop D952 comparison for interested people!

After reading the above titled thread (sorry, don't know how to link to it) - I tried a DUNLOP D952

Here are some pictures to show the quality of the Dunlop and how well it did after a 20 mile single track trail ride with only a few rocks:

I know that oppinions differ from person to person, but here is imperical proof as to how poorly these tires are constructed. I spoke to several bike shops and told them the area I would be riding, they all agreed that the 952 was THE tire for that area. The grip was OK, not bad, but nothing to write home about. But the wear and chunking after only 20 miles is unacceptable - even if it were a Cheng Shin

Show us what a Maxxis IT looks like after the same run :ride:

That chunking seems unusual, doesn't it? Not what I've seen on other people's 952's. Defective tire?

What tires have worked well for that ride?

Isn't the 952 a rather soft tire anyways? Even still, you will need Dunlop sponsorship to keep up with the cost of replacing this tire. You may have to change tires everytime you fillup your tank.

I have several friends that have used the Maxis Desert IT that have been very happy with it. My son's bike has a Maxis on it that has worn very well on the same trail (not sure the model, but will update as soon as I get it).

As for the tire, I don't know if the chunking is normal or does seem soft, but it was rated as an intermediate and is touted on the Dunlop website for its durability. I called Dunlop this morning on it, and they suggested I talk to the place where I got it from. I will do that tomorrow - hopefully I will leave with a new tire, if not, it will be the last Dunlop on my bike.

I plan on conducting my own tests and will ride the same trail at the same pace and take pictures of it as well to show its true durability. I haven't tried one yet, as this is my first tire....the stocker laster quite well.

Here is a pretty helpful site I found with a google search

I just wish it had more info

Did you check the date to see when the tire was manufactured. Should be a 4 digit number like 0406, meaning april 2006. Tires that have been sitting in stock a while seem to, for lack of better words, dry out and the rubber tends to break off (chunking). Maybe the shop sold you an old tire?

definitely worth looking at, but I would really only consider this if it had been left out in the sun and rain.

If that's the case I'm not a happy camper as I have a new set of 952's sitting in my garage. I researched a long time and everyone raved about the 952's and said it would be the best for my situation which includes riding on the road a lot. Now I'm hearing it's a soft tire which makes me think it wouldn't be the best for city streets. I hope you experience was an isolated one.

You definitely got a defective Dunlop. I've been using 952's since they came out and never seen one that bad. As a matter of fact, I've never chunked one, the edges always wear down before the knobs fall off.

Are you sure you didn't have 30 psi in that thing?

Thanks for the pics, very interesting. I've been running the Maxxis IT exclusively on the rear, both regular and desert, with no problems. Lately I've been considering trying the Dunlop, but no longer. Gracias.

Oh, Assassin, have you ever heard the following adage? "Better to have everyone think you an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." You ought to take it to heart. If not, you might want to add a "Dumb" to the beginning of your screen name, just to avoid confusion :ride: ...SC

I notice that your from Utah. Did your tire get torn up at 5 mile pass?

The soft tires appear to do better in the rocky conditions. Anything hard, like most Dunlops, end up chunking almost instantly.

I have never seen a tyre used off road look all clean and black too???

Assassin, I'm with you mate, I call BS too! I think BS definately warranted. Same thing would happen if that were a Maxxis IT.

I have to concur - that tire sure looks funny to me.

By the way, I have a Maxxis Desert IT now and I'm not particularly thrilled with it. For my next set, I'm going back to the combo I had before: Michelin M12 front and S12 rear. I think it's the narrow spacing btwn the lugs on the Maxxis Desert IT that I don't like. The tire sure seems to wear well, but doesn't get much traction, particularly in the deserts where I ride. When you can be bombing down a straight sand wash at 50, then go WOT and still break the rear so much that it starts slippin' and sliding (and yes, even on a DRZ400S :ride:), I consider that a lack of grip.

Yesterday, I put 55 miles over rocks, roots, mud, railroad bed, 5 miles of pavement on my new 952..... and it still looks new.. :ride:

That must be a defective tire. FWIW I run 12lbs air pressure.

952's in the summer months and S12's in the winter months - never a problem for me no matter what the terrain - that pic is a crock

:ride: Someone definately full of crap!!!

When was the las time your tire looked like that when you go for a ride? :ride:

Everyone go out and look at your tires, they only look real black like that after a nice big burnout on the asphalt.

Why do you lie to us???? :ride:

Go buy a set yourself....I am only posting the facts of what happened. I really don't care if you go through 50 sets of tires, but this is the results I had after 20 miles of trail use. I called Dunlop on it and they referred me back to my dealer.....who, by the way, installed the tire when I purchased it. I did not verify the PSI as I would expect that a shop that installes tires on a very routine basis set it appropriately. As for the road burnouts....never happened. I ride legally and keep to the trails and the tracks.

As it so happened, I took the tire back to the dealership and they agreed that this was a problem and told me they have never had this happen. I clocked my rides and know how far I had ridden, the shop also knew of the specific trails I was referring to when I told them where I had been with it.....they still confirmed that the 952 was THE tire for that area.....they replaced it with another 952 (obviously admitting that something was not right).....I have not ridden with it yet, but will be testing it out in the same area.

If you don't like the facts as they are posted, I don't know what to tell you. I have no reason to 'lie' to you. I am simply passing on the experiance I had with this tire and the pictures to prove it.

punisher660 should take a photo of the D952 on the side of the tire to prove it is a D952.

It could be a D752, that everyone brought big stocks of when they stoped making them.

The D752 was a lot softer than the D952, and won't last 1/20th either.

I would be happy to take a picture of the sidewall, except for the fact that the shop kept it to return to Dunlop under its warranty claims. The shop is South Valley Motorsports in Sandy, UT....

Ask to speak to their parts guy (option 2 on the phone menu) and you can question them (Chris or Kevin) all you want about the tire.

I notice that your from Utah. Did your tire get torn up at 5 mile pass?

It was American Fork Canyon.....25 - 30 miles east of 5 Mile pass. I took the first trail from the parking area which croses a creek bed and becomes single track. For anyone that has ridden there, they know there are some rocks, but it is mostly loam/sand/some hard-pack/roots and the ideal place for an intermediate tire.

If he did big burnouts like you say, why aren't his edges rounded off? I will say that it does look like he was riding on the streets, but I dont think he was smoking the tire.

As stated streets at all (unless you want to count the 100 feet from the staged parking area at the trail head to the trail)

Why do you think I was pissed about the you think its because there was a problem with it?

It's interesting that he hasn't chimed in since this thread heated up...might be regretting starting it. I'll find out soon enough as I'll be mounting my 952's soon. I can't imagine them being any worse than the stock tires and those photos looked way worse than my stockers with over 500 miles on them.

I was out riding/boating moron......4th of July weekend.... :ride:

I didn't take a laptop with me since I have yet to find a wy/fi hot spot at any campground I have been to.

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