Should I move up to 21 needle on Edelbrock QS?

Hey Ya'll, My Bike is apart b/c I was messing with the stock cam and decided to wait to put it back together till my Hotcam Stage1 got here. I was wondering if I ought to move move from the 19 to 21 needle b/c I am getting the new cam as well I also cut out the airbox yesterday as well. I have a Big-Gun Race exhaust and run at 350-450 feet MSL Alt. It started well with the 19 but with the airbox open and stage 1 cam I didn't know if I should go ahead and swap to the 21 needle while I had down time and could. That way it'd be ready when the cam got here?

anyone running 19 needle with Stage 1 cam?

Doesn't the larger needle size mean more fuel at > 1/2 throttle like it does on the old stock carbs?



The way Rob at barnums explained it is if you are nearing the maximum amount of clicks out on your needle you need the larger one, if you have it almost alll of the way screwed in, you need the next size down...I run the small needle of the 3 that come with the carb although I am at 6200 feet msl. I could make the larger needle work but it would likely be screwed in all the way which outs it outside of its optimum adjustment, kinda like TQ wrenches.

With my 2002 XR650R I had an open side panel, UNI filter, no backfire screen, White Bros header, "E" series pipe with 12 discs and a Hotcams stage 1 cam. I ran a #21 needle at around 16 clicks with the accelerator pump at "full pump" (completely turned into right). Prior to the Edelbrock I was running a 185 main and 70s pilot jet. I run between sea level - 1500 feet and had to lean it out a bit at 2500 +.

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