Dual sporting my WR

I have an '03 wr450 that I'm going to get plated. I'm in Idaho so I am under the impression I won't have any trouble. I actually didn't plan on doing anything other than getting the plate and bolting it to the rear fender. My problem is I am now running the YZ fender do to too many crashes. So my question is: 1 does anybody have a 03 fender they took off there bike and it is just taking up space in their garage? or 2 does anyone have a recommendation of a low profile tail light I could bolt on to my existing fender?



Baja Designs makes a liscence plate bracket with led tailight that works with the YZ rear fender, they also makes all the parts or kits you need for a DS kit.

The BD light looks pimp, and works great, too.


CAn ou tell me where you got light and plate holder. Also, what else was needed to complete the job



acerbis also makes a small l.e.d. tail light/license plate holder. be aware, the acerbis unit is small and it might be best to take a look at one before you spend any money. i had to trim my plate to fit it and i wouldn't want to depend on someone being able to see the light in traffic. that said, if your laws are minimal (like missouri) and you don't need much, it's pretty trick. it weighs next to nothing so it will not cause any problems with a YZ fender.

In Idaho, you are required to have a rear view mirror, a horn, a brake/tail light, and a hi/low beam headlight, along with your plate, and of course, insurance. No turn signals or DOT tires required. Other than that it is pretty easy to do.

as of tuesday july 11 my 450f will be plated in west virginia ) hopefully

anyway ZETA makes a sweet kit. i got the turn signals rear fender, light and a nice custom decal for real cheap.... wheeling cycle imports them and i am too lazy to make an ebay store. but if u need info call 888-500 2454 ask for will or forrest. as far as i know they are the only ones to import them in the eastern us

i will post a pic when its on the road...... i cant wait to ride it

the bike has been mine for a month now but the "R" title is why its not home yet

Hey Birdie

Where did you get that light assembly. Did it come with the hardware and brake swiches as well


Man that TT store must be HUGE

Awesome, Thanks Birdie

The parts are ordered and on there way.

Lit_dueler :ride::ride:

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