lost 5:th gear

today when I was going home from my Job I lost the 5:th gear. It felt as I was pulling the cluthlever on and off several times. Any one have this breakdown. How much money in spar parts? Is this a common problem?

I think we will here more and more of this happening as more wr are put on the road. When I do go on the road with mine I try to baby it as much as possible for fear of loosing a gear and doing another very expensive rebuild. :ride:

i had this problem on my 04 wr after about 12000 hard desert miles, you have to split the case. you need a flywheel removal tool, the gear dog wore down then shattered . also found that center shift fork was also damaged ,don't cut any corners on this replace anything that shows high wear so you will not have to re-split the case for awhile ....gasket kit $ 75.00 gear dog $40.00 shift fork $45.00 good luck !!!! :thumb sup:

Welcome to the club.

It seems to be quite common here in Oz, avoid riding them on the road.

Two of my bike have lost them as well... Sorry to say that it's all too common.. The aluminum frame for 07 should fix all that...

Jus kiddin.. :ride:

Jetin, what year is your bike? I was under the impression that Yamaha fixed that problem in 04.

Two of my bike have lost them as well... Sorry to say that it's all too common.. The aluminum frame for 07 should fix all that...

Jus kiddin.. :ride:

even though i'm Red, i know enough fellows with Blue bikes and i often stop in and read when something interesting comes up. especially something mechanical that i may want to relay to them. but i hardly, if ever, post in the Blue forums unless i can be helpful.

today i was this close to posting a question about why aluminum frames would help losing 5th gear. i scrolled back to see the 'just kidding' post script. i missed it first time. this must be an inside joke amongst the forum. thanks for the laugh and go ahead and bonk me on the head.

for the record, the three friends that ride Blue have been talking for a couple years now and continue to talk about when the aluminum frames will arrive and the benefits derived therefrom. i'm interested to see myself now that they promised them on the new bikes.

again, thanks for the chuckle.

I put my motor back together about a month ago. I too lost 5th gear. You need to pull the motor out of the bike, (3hrs). Pull the cams out, don't drop the half moon things. Pull the head and cylinder off as one piece; there is no need to separate them. Pull the clutch apart and then split the cases. You don't need to take off the fly wheel.

I replaced a shift fork; in retrospect I should have replaced all three of them. I also replaced 5th pinion, 5th wheel, 4th pinion, 4th wheel, 2nd pinion, and 2nd wheel. With gaskets I spent about $250 in parts and did all the labor myself. Most shops in San Diego were going to charge me $400-$800 in labor alone. So if you have a shop do all the work it will probably set you back about $1200 or so. It is really not that difficult if you are patient and can turn a wrench. Don't attempt this without a manual.

Good luck :ride:

www.mrcycles.com has the best prices I have found. But don't forget the thumper store.

you know thats the 3 or 4th time i've heard mention of MR cycles parts prices being the best around and its kinda funny because their bike prices are like the highest in the country :ride: the universe must balance itself somehow,i just wish it was the other way around as they're right down in asheville..... about the tranny i noticed alot more metal filings in my oil from my 04 wr when it was ridden more than usual on pavement,so if it eats knobbies and trannies i'd stay in the dirt:ride:

The bike without 5:ht gear is a 2001 wr426. The engine is out of the bike and I´m going to split it myself. Which me luck. Thanks for all your advices //jetin

Excuse the dumb ass question, but how does riding on the road mess up the transmission? :ride:

I toke the hole engine apart. Except the rotor assy I did`t have any rotor-puller I have ordered 3 sprockets and #2 shift-fork from my Yamaha dealer i Stockholm. All on the main-shaft. 5th and 3rd because the dogs was rounded . 4th because the 1/4 of the tooths was scarred? Pic. is coming soon. I`m going to measure the piston/cylinder clearance to. best reg Jetin

good luck jetin :ride:

Hi mate,

I had an 03 wr450 and just recently purchased a 06yz450fv. Both of the bikes had the symptoms you are describing.

What happens is you (somehow!!) have rounded the dog pins that engage the gear.

You only have to do it once so they tell me.

They told me it was owner fault.However the 06 YZ450 has done 10-12 hrs on my local track where I struggle to get out of 3rd!!!

Don't get me wrong I love the bike however am going to fing it hard buying another one due to Yamaha's head in the sand approach to what I know to be a common problem.

They will tell you they had a problem with the early models (400-426's) but not with the 450's.

I'm here to tell you son,that is bullshit..

WoW, I didn't reallize there were that many of these with this problem, is this fixed on the 06's? and why does road driving do this? i use 5'th gear even off road quite often??

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