New XR600R

Sniper X

score!!! ride the sh!et out of it!

I'm interested!.........lucky bastard.

That bike sounds awesome. You must post some pics.

you dare post something like that without pics?

Don't post pics: the drool will ruin my keyboard.

This thread...Without pics=:ride: :ride: :ride::ride:

P L E A S E post pics :banana::p:p

Gotta have pics -- wanna see that set up

WHERE DA PICS?????????????? :ride:

This guy has to be a fake, he posts this on the 30th and not one mention of a picture, not one ''pics coming'', not one ''no digital camera'', no ''computer crashed''.... NOTHING!! :ride::ride:

Yeah, i have a XR600, Its pretty much stock though... Yosh exhaust and, I think thats about it... There tractors man, it climbs anything...

He hasn't posted pics because a bike like that, at least built by Am. Honda Racing, does not exist.

Big fin head, trick motor, custom exhaust, all trick parts, yeah, those type things were on the factory bikes.

USD forks, no.

KX wheels and swingarm, no way. Like Honda is going to scab some suspension parts off a KX that's about 50lbs lighter onto a shorter/heavier four stroke. Nope.

And the factory Baja race bikes didn't use (and still don't) a single 8" headlight, they use 8" double halogens that are mounted to the steering stem and it's not possible to mount to the stem with a big single, it has to be doubles.

And... 120mph, come'on, impossible.

Prove me wrong and I'll eat my words.

SniperTeamTroll is his name.

Sorry for the delay, I have been out of town for two weeks at a classified lab where I can't take my computer, bummer! Anyway, 120 impossible? basically stock XR600R with a pipe, jetting, airbox mods, 610cc, and 15-42 gearing goes 102, and thats at 5000ft from sea level. And, when I said 120 I meant it felt like it was that because compared to my stock motard it is fast, very fast. Nowthat dude has finished jumping to conclusions, and name calling before checking something out....., heres the deal. This thing turns out was possibly built BY a Honda factory rider and his mechanic. I am going to talk to him when I find him and ask about a million questions about the bike and his racing record. He and his mechanic built it as a racer replica dualsporter so he could have something close to his factory bike to ride anytime he felt like having a good time in the dirt. I am getting all of this second hand from the owner who gave it to me so some is rather schetchy. I do know however, the suspension and motor are very trick. I talked to Noleen and they say there were a few peices made/ modifyed back then for a few factory racers for their race bikes and personal bikes, but that the peices were very expensive and rare. They say they want to see the forks and shock and since I want to have them rebuilt they will see them soon! I don;t have anyway to host pics yet, but I will soon so when I do Ill be posting project pics as I have them. At this point I have only the pics of how it looks now, like a very trick DIRTY XR600R desert bike. On the question about the KX stuff, I don't know why they would put a KX swingarm on it other than it must have ( or had in those days) a better linkage or something better than a stock XR for some reason, like lighter and stronger. You can tell by looking at this bike it was built by someone who knew what they were doing as it is not cobby at all. Just nicely done and well prepared by a professional. Everything has a purpose and seems very well done and not "backyard mechanicized" in any way. Remember, this is a 1992 Honda XR600R, they were nice from the factory. And this thing has USD forks, a billet shock, billet tripples ( rare as hell in 92) , and what look like billet links on the swingarm so if it aint a factory ride, it is still very very trick for the vintage.

where da pics?

Total Crap Thread. :ride:

I am going to have a freind host them for me since you can't post pics on this site like you can on sites like supermotojunkie and stuff. Ill try to post some on his site this week.

The bike sounds sick. Not sure why no one believes him. Are you putting the sm stuff from your other XR onto the new bike or leaving it for the dirt? You gotta get some pics up so I some pics up so I can see this thing.

Thats the beauty of this thing, allready totally done for the dirt! Ill save the tard for tard use, and this one for dualsporting and an occasional desert race or off road race of some kind. Oh and on the beleiving thing, some people on here wouldfnt beleive Jesus if he had something tricker than they do! Some people are just haters I guess, doesn't really bother me for more than a few seconds.....then I realize they live to hack on other people. It seems to be only on this site though which I find weird! I generally love this site, those haters don't make any difference there. You know what else, they probably generally know what they are talking about, I don;t see why that one dude imediatly thinks he knows EVERYTHING about desdert racing and Baja racing so much he automatically basically called me a liar. Good thing he isn't here. People here where I live don't feel the need to do that. If they do they usually retract what they said like I just did.

Total Crap Thread. :ride:

So motogoalie, what do you mean by that? Are you being faciceious? Or are you hating before you see the evidence? Just asking, I don;t know you so I have no reason to call you a liar or say you are posting crap....whats up?

If you want the pictures hosted now, fire off an email to the email address I PM'd you, and they'll be posted immediately. I suppose that we'll all be waiting. :ride:

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