Loud ticking sound.....

I've got a loud ticking sound which seems to be coming from the top end. It came on suddenly, was fine at Idle after several hours of riding, and then just when after a short break, I went to take off again as I gave it a little gas to get moving it appeared suddenly as if something just let go. Seems to be a solid tick, not like the timing chain slapping, (atleast from my ear, but I have never heard a timing chain tick either, so who knows....) I've currently got the head off and the cylinder looks fine, clearances on the valves are within spec too.

I just put in new rings in the spring so It hasn't had a crazy amount of hours put on the fresh engine. Although after a 2 hour hare scramble the weekend before, I was losing oil from the oil filter cover, and apparantly drove for some time low on oil....(no idea how long but everything seemed to be running great) Any ideas what's going on? Thanks guys.....

Well all four strokes have a slight tick cause of the valves (if you listen close)

Did the top of your piston look ok....maybe like your piston was hitting the valves.

if it's an older YZ you might want to check the counter balancer key.. i'm going to do that on mine as i have the same problem (noise)

Definately not the the normal valve ticking.....this is much louder....

...as for the counter balance.....could something have slipped out of place? What should I be looking for??

search for counterbalancer on this forum, you'll find various topics about it.

it has a key whichs get's worn out and when it has some slack it will be very noisy

Thanks Hedp. I will definitely be checking the CB key way..... it does sound like a good possibility. I've got the top end completely torn off now, and there seems to be some play where the piston rod connects to the crank..... just side to side, no movement up and down. Is this normal or could this be the problem?

I figure that when the piston in the cylinder it won't be able to move side to side so perhaps this is normal. Although it would seem to me that this movement would mean that some bearings are shot, and I really hope I don't have to start splitting the case. So what do you guys think?

does it sound lick a rock in a hubcap? if so it could be the kick starting gear. a buddy of ours had this happen and it messed up his oil pump along with the kick starting gear :ride::ride::ride:

side to side play on the rod is normal. up and down play on the other hand, isn't.


It appears to be the counterbalancer. Everything else seems to be good. I've got the case sides off and am ready to pull the magneto and replace the keyway. There is definitally some play there. Next time I'll look there first before stripping everything else down.... It took a while to nail down but it looks like a simple fix.... thanks again guys...

cool :ride: i wasn't so lucky, still haven't found what's causing the noise on mine :ride:

my 05 started makin noise like that it was the kick starter if it starts makin the noise on bike again push the kick starter forward and it will stop but when you let go it will start again i had it worked on it is a chipped tooth on the gear for kick start....sounds like that is what it is

I didnt want to make another thread but my bike has some ticking....

its an 06 yz450, i reshimmed the valves not too long ago so i dont think its them. my timing chain is still stock, can this cause ticking?? I have about 2 years on the bike, i doubt its the piston or pin. the bike runs great and starts easy

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