Repairing Cracking Frame

I Found Three Hair Line Cracks On The Frame At The Oil Tank. I Posted The Frame Cracking Concern A Week Ago. The Oil Tank Is The Only Reason That I Notice Problem. In Fact If It Was Not For The Oil Leaking And Would Not Know The Frame Was Cracking. The Cracks Are To Small To See. The Way I Tested It Is Pretty Simple.

I Just Loop The Two Bottom Fittings Together With A Hose. Cut A Metal Valve Stem Of An Old Motorcycle Tube. The Valve Stem Fits The Same Size Hose As The Vent For The Oil Tank. A Just Connected It Up A Pressurized It Like A Tube. Found The Cracks With Soapy Water Just Like Holes In A Tube. The Rest Of The Repairs Should Be Pretty Easy Now I Know Where The Cracks Are And I Can Test My Repair.

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