XR650L Gas Milieage

I’m going to get a Dual Sport bike its gona be a XR650L or DRZ400S, but how’s the XR650L on gas, ive seen some horrible XR650R numbers and hope the L isn’t as bad. Im leaning toward the XR650L :ride: but if its bad on gas maybe not. :ride:

So how’s the XR650L on Gas? :ride:

Cant explain why the Honda 650 is so bad.

My Xr650L 38 MPG

My NX650 38 MPG

My FT500 50 MPG

My NX250 75 MPG

all honda thumpers.

I purchased my 2002 xrl a few months ago and i love the bike.The most miles i have went before having to switch to reserve is 84 miles and the worst (hard trail riding stuck in 1st and 2cd for most of the running) was 38 miles then had to go to reserve.With mixed town and open road it will sputter at 78 miles and that averages 44.5 miles to the gallon. The only mods that i can see are a white brothers e series pipe and white brothers power air filter.I am not sure about any other mods that might have been done.It seems pretty peppy.

Just yesterday I was riding back roads on my commuter L average speed 40-55mph (somewhat conservative throttle) hit reserve at 103 filled up at 114 took 2.10 gallons to fill (I try to fill close to same level each time so it's fairly accurate), thats almost 55 miles gallon. I have done Daves carb mods- shimmed needle, drilled, Keihin 158/55 jets-, 15/47 sprockets, desmog, and UNI. The more twist in the throttle the less you're going to get, but on average I usually get close to 50 even when I'm twistin. Of course, off road will drop considerably, but still should get close to 40mpg:thumbsup:

my last tank was 1.93 G and 93.? 48mpg. I have gotten as high as 56. STock bike except for smog. I shift at 15, 25,35,45 mph. :ride:

I have averaged over 50 miles per gallon. On the stock tank I have even broke 92 miles once before going on reserve although it was all street driven miles. This is with desmog, K&N filter, and re-jet with stock 15/45 gearing.

2005 650L here, Big Gun pipe, Dynojet stage 1 kit, & K&N filter. I have'nt put lots of miles on yet, but averaging 45mpg highway only.

Personal best, got up early this am and rode 87miles not stop country roads and averaged 52.4 miles per gallon.

98 650L rejetting, std uncorked stuff, hotcam, yoshi exhaust 50/50 riding this tank 42mpg. Last week totally offroad running pretty hard 32mpg.

04 L new and stock on the street went 55 mpg no matter how I rode, off road dropped but I dont do much so I didnt check. Modified to SuperMoto, 17's, XR's only comp pipe, K and N, Dyno Jet, desmoged and 15x40, I ride hard and I chase down every Hardly rider I find and still get 55 mpg @ about 1100 ft. 10,000 miles and still 55mpg. Very happy :ride:

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