Buying 99 XR 600 any things to look for or advice?

I am going to look/buy a 99 XR 600 and I was wondering if there are any common problems or tips you guys have on what to look for or look out for? I read about the rear wheel bearings going out at about 8000-9000 off road miles but any other way to tell the miles of it. It is the second owner but the first owner was his dad. He says it has low miles on it and it still has most of the stock tank graphics which I remember wore off pretty quick when I had my new 96 XR.600. It has stock chain and sprockets and and a WB pipe.

Thanks for any help

There are few things that commonly break or go wrong. I would obviously start the bike up and listen for any knocks or rattles from the engine and if it blows smoke. With the XR6 though, make sure you take it for a ride noting how it shifts through all gears and look for noises when in 2nd/3rd/4th gears, it was reasonably common for these to fail in high use bikes. Other than this then check the "easy" things like wheel bearings, chain/sprockets, suspension etc.

If it honestly does have the stock (OEM, never been swapped) rear sprocket and it's a '99 then it's likely a pretty sweet bike. 600R's are great bikes in their own regard.

I got it and its a 98 not a 99. The rear spokes are all loose and I will probably have to relace the rim. It has original bars, grips, sprockets and bent stock foot peg which suck anyway. When I had my 96 XR 600 I always had to retighten my rear spokes after riding hard. The back wheel bearing sseems to be a little loose I am sure it needs replacing. I bought it for $1500

Thanks for all the input and does anyone have any tips for adjusting the valves and the conpression release?

does anyone have any tips for adjusting the valves and the conpression release?

Yeah, buy the manual for $30.00 and follow the preocedure.

Mine tried to break my leg, had me walking funny for 2 weeks after I kick-started it hot with my boots on. I'da been pinned, screwed, & plated w/o the boots to save the day! Followed the manual's procedure for adjustment, I can almost start that sucker with my hand now! :ride:

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