can YOU name this bolt...

well i had lost 1 bolt that held my rear brake master cylinder to the frame..

i had removed the other in order to bring it to the hardware store to find a matching friend...

my mother threw the bolt away while i was at work today and i cant find it anywhere...

i dont have my manual anymore so i have no idea the size and just wondering if someone could please let me know

is it 1/4-28?

i bet it is metric but i am not sure so PLEASE help me so i can go riding sunday!... i cant go riding without a bake brake :ride:


o yea...

2004 yz450f if you didnt bother to look in my sig!

also if any one knows the size of the top screw that holds the gas tank/radiator shroud plastic...

it seems everyone looses this bolt

I have the same bike....

My manual lists "Rear brake Master cylinder and frame" bolt as M6x1.0 (so Yes Virginia, it is Metric)

As far as the radiator/fuel tank....I'm not so sure about this one, but I think this is it.

"Air scoop and fuel tank" also, M6x1.0

good luck

yeah the air scoop fuel tank was a M6...

rear master cylinder might be a M4 or M5 since M6 was a lil big

thanks for the help though.. ill have to go pick up some more bolts and see what fits!

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