New bars now clutch problem...

So 2 days ago I came home from a 5 day out of state work trip. I come home look in the garage and my brand new 450 is laying on it's right side. I talked to my roommate and she says 'i just barely touched it'. So besides her being a friggin bitch... my bike was on its side for 3 days.

So the bars are bent and I upgraded to some pro taper SE's highs. This was my first time swapping bars and it was certainly a learning experience. Besides not feeding the throttle boot along with the throttle I did ok. However my problem is my clutch does not engage now. The bar width is the same and the clutch lever is as near to the position it was in but it's not engaging. I've spun the tension/adjustment knob but i've spun it so much and not had an effect that now i'm lost and concerned...

Hmmm. I'd start by releasing the cable from the clutch lever. Then see how much slack you have, and if the cable is getting pinched somewhere. Once you figure out how much slack you have, you should be able to figure out what sort of adjustment is needed.


Without seeing the bike, I would guess there is a tension problem somewhere in your clutch line. There are two adjustment points on the line, the large knob at the lever, which is more for "on the fly" type adjustments which may be necessary during a ride, and the barrel assembly that is further down from the lever. The first thing to do is to release all the adjustment tension from both locations and determine if the clutch will engage. Then reset the barrel until you have around 1/4" of lever slack; page 3-10 of the '05 manual suggests .31 to .51 inches. After that, recheck your clutch engagement and your in business. If that doesn't work, pull the clutch cable and check for a pinch in the outer sleeve. Still no luck, check the clutch itself for damage. Work from simple to hard and you'll find the problem somewhere in that range...SC

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