Not your every day oil thread!!!

I know my oils, but I wanted to know if anyone experimented with different oil weights?

Which would have the best cooling effect? I am sure the lightest weights will make more power, but using "radiator" theory (more flow against hot part, cooler it is), would it also make your bike run the coolest?

I have seen that two2cool stuff, but I don't want to use it because I don't know what it is? Heat is from friction, so it must be a friction modifier, right?

I have tried different weights, but I couldn't really tell any difference in heat?

I have had great success with PWR oversize radiators and engine ice coolant to keep my bike cool.

Heat is from friction,
Most heat is the result of burning fuel. Other than in the clutch, friction isn't a major contributor.

Oil doesn't make a very good coolant because heat doesn't move through it well compared to other fluids. Only the oil that actually touches a hot part absorbs much heat, and only the oil that actually touches the surface of an oil cooler will give much of it up. I doubt that viscosity would contribute much to cooling, and in fact, it could be the reverse of your assumption. Note that oil spray is sometimes used to cool the piston. In this setup, oil is constantly being replaced by new, cooler oil, and the increase in flow that would result from a lower viscosity would probably increase cooling, rather than reduce it.

One of the 250F factory supported teams did a test on a dyno with temparature probes in the oil and coolant.

Moutul synthetic oil made the most power and produced the lowest temparatures of the oils they tested.

Thanks grey, thanks aford, thanks monkey!

I actually use the motul 7100 synthetic, I can't afford the 300v!

You guy's might know, does the weight of the oil have any effect on the life of the oil?

Or is that more to do with synthetic - non synthetic?

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