Pa plated WR....finally

Just wanted to boast a little, took 2 long months but Im finally street legal on my 06 WR450 :ride::ride::ride::banana:

Hey man can you give me the low down on what all you needed to do to get your WR plated in PA. I am currently in the process and just want to send the paperwork in once. Where abouts are you located and any suggestions on inspection stations and what not. Thanks for any help, hopefully I can get my 05 WR plated soon.

Once you submitted the reconstructed inspection booklet with pictures was there any hitches or did you have to jump thru additional hoops?

I gues my questions is : Once you submitted the pics and paperwork did you just wait it out?

Also, which DS kit did you use?

Any problems ?

Did the inspector want the AIS intact?

I did all the mods while I was installing the Baja Designs DS kit. The topic of the quality of the Baja kit has been hashed over before for both good and bad but for my 2 cents other than a bit of a problem it all went well and so far so good.

I had the shop I purchased the bike from do the pre inspection....inspection. If you get that completed its a matter of having your Ts crossed and Is dotted for the state and the waiting game.

As far as whats needed. The basics in a Baja Designs kit plus a front brake switch and a set of DOT tires along with some type of odometer. After the paperwork comes back with the new registration card and your plate you need the final inspection but unless youve changes something thats a done deal.

As I said I did do the mods first. AIS, PMB all the basics talked about here. It wasnt any issue at all.

Oh one more if your thinking of getting you WRs plated. Ive been told PA is changing the inspection process for 2007 that will make it a bit more difficult and costly. Might want to talk with your local shop for the facts.

Won't the stock odometer work for a streetable DS?

Stock is 2 trips and I guess that wont cut it. I was told I needed an odometer.

Does it annoy you fellow bretheran in the US of A that all WR's in Australia come out street legal. Is it possible for you to buy an australian varient. Just wondering?


Yeah, it sucks. Next visit to my dealer I'll ask but I doubt very much they could get a bike designated for another country.

LOL..just a bit annoying.

i am too lucky with my 05wr. it was a show bike that they never sold and never started. it has the zeta lighting kit, carbon fiber kick guards,skid plate, both chain guards, big gun pipe zeta folding levers, bars and bark busters.(lots of others)

they did the state inspection and the vin verification (no pics) go to the dmv on the 11th and i am legal. the only difference between pa and wv is the emissions

Nice....wish you had some pics.

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