Importance of Bike Protection & 90 day review


First this is a great forum. Seems to serve everyone. Those who really know from experience what works and are willing to share to young riders just starting out asking all sorts of questions.

I've had my WR450 for 90 days now and have gone through all the same angst every new rider goes through. Even though this WR450 makes my 14th motorcycle it's still very new to me.

I couldn't believe what I purchased when I rolled the bike off that back of my truck for the first time. I wondered how I could have been stupid enough to pay 7K (yep) for a bike that runs like is 125. I had been off dirt bikes for awhile but I know a dog when I'm on one.

I am one of those older (first time I've said that!) riders who have torn engines down for years. The manual did not tell me how to make the bike run better - this forum did and I am internally grateful.

Now my point. I was all about getting the WR to run so I read all the posts and did all the searches while reading the manual every morning to see how it all works and WHY would these mods work so well. They do - that's great.

I recently read a thread about bike protection and though I'd just wait for that kind of expense. Then, I changed my mind and purchased:

Heavy duty hand guards - Tusk

Utah skid plate

Unibiker radiator guards

After collecting all the parts and spending a Wed night installing everything I went for a shake out ride the next night. I had planned a ride with another lister for Sat. Twenty minutes into my ride my front end washed out (again damn it - and yes I've found some suggestions on THIS list to fix that) and down I went.

I can still see the left Tusk hand guard down deep in it's self dug hole. I can still see my left radiator bent back and a large rock kissing the side of my new skid plate. The engine was still running but I was just sitting there in disbelief at my luck or lack of - something.

After removing the Unibiker guards and tweaking the radiator back to some level of straight I reinstalled (after tweaking the guards) everything only to find no damage to the bike at all. Now if I hadn't purchased the bike protection.


So after 90 day's I'm starting to understand the WR and get to like it but without reading this list that might not have happened as quickly. And I know I would be buying a new radiator.

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