Just installed my Acerbis Rally Pro Hand Guards

Thanks guys for recommending these, they are great, aluminum inside them for strength in case I fall, lol. Here are some installed pics.





max, what did you mount the mirror to? does it still pivot down from there?


Did you find that you had to trim up the clutch handle? Had too on mine

Looks good....I love mine!

I never had to trim my clutch handle as my signal light switch moved the clutch lever in already so it cleared, I did put three spacers on the brake side to clear the lever though. I mounted my mirror over to the left further and screwed it on to the hot start lever, I had a post and better pics on this earlier,

Looks good... Do you have the front brake hose going under, or on top the inner mounting bracket???

Thanks... Sami

I cut off the top tab of the brake housing and rolled the hos up and over, seems to work fine.

Nice, those are the same ones that came on my 2004. They protect very well.

right on, on those cold Labrador days, they will help a little to keep my hands a little warmer, as you can see i ride when there is still snow around, short sumers this far north, got to get out when you can




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